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Gross Motor Skills Laboratory

Gros Motor Skills Lab
The gross motor skills laboratory is configured to research and explore rehabilitation methods for adults and children with neurological disorders including impairments of vision, balance, ambulation, activities of daily living, movement, muscle strength and loss of functional independence. 

Students learn how to treat patients who have experienced central nervous system pathologies (stroke, traumatic brain injury), spinal cord injury, amputation, chronic conditions and all kinds of temporary debilitation.  

In this lab, they develop functional activities that are used to motivate patients to work on strength, posture, balance, gait and problem-solving during activities of daily living. 

The laboratory includes mat tables used to simulate household furniture; ambulation devices such as crutches, walkers, canes and wheelchairs to assist patients with movement in their own environment; exercise equipment includes benches, free weights, cuff weights, pulley weights and theraband; and examples of orthoses and prostheses to gain understanding of their function and appropriate use. 

Students become versatile in helping children, teenagers, adults and seniors recover their movement abilities.

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