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Faculty and Administrative Staff

What is the most important factor in choosing a PT school?  The quality of the faculty, of course.

At Belmont, you will find experienced professionals and teachers, experts in physical therapy with specialties in the areas of sports, orthopaedics, pediatrics, geriatrics, and neurologic and clinical electrophysiologic PT. Ongoing research is an important responsibility for faculty in the School of Physical Therapy, but at Belmont, teaching is the top priority of your professors. Your learning takes precedence over all else.


PT Faculty

  • Renee Brown
    Renee Brown
    Professor & Program Chairperson
    PhD (Human Development and Communication - Neuroscience) University of Texas at Dallas; MS (Physical Therapy-Neurologic Rehabilitation) University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; BS (Physical Therapy) Daemen College
    Location: McWhorter Hall 347
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  • Gail Bursch
    Gail Bursch
    Associate Professor & Director of Clinical Education
    MS.Ed University of Kentucky; BHS (Physical Therapy) University of Kentucky
    Location: McWhorter Hall 353
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  • Nancy Darr
    Nancy Darr
    DSc Loma Linda University; MS (Physical Therapy) University of Southern California; BA (Zoology and Psychology) Ohio Wesleyan University
    Location: McWhorter Hall 343
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  • Kathy Galloway
    Kathy Galloway
    DSc (Clinical Electrophysiology) Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions; MPT (Physical Therapy) Baylor University; Certificate (Physical Therapy) US Academy of Health Sciences; BA (Psychology) Southern Illinois University; BA (Biological Sciences) Southern Illinois University
    Location: McWhorter Hall 339
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  • Suzanne Greenwalt
    Suzanne Greenwalt
    Assistant Professor
    DPT A.T. Still University Health Sciences Center; MPT (Physical Therapy) St. Louis University; BS (Exercise Science) St. Louis University
    Location: McWhorter Hall 351
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  • John Halle
    John Halle
    PhD (Exercise Science) University of Iowa; MPT (Physical Therapy) U.S. Army-Baylor University; MS (Health Education) University of Oregon; BS (Community Health) University of Oregon
    Location: McWhorter Hall 346
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  • Cathy Hinton
    Cathy Hinton
    PhD (Public Administration) Tennessee State University; MS (Physical Therapy) Boston University; BA (Biology) University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
    Location: McWhorter Hall 345
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  • Natalie Michaels
    Natalie Michaels
    Associate Professor
    EdD (Curriculum and Instruction) University of Central Florida; MS (Applied Psychology) Fairfield University; BS (Physical Therapy) Ithaca College
    Location: McWhorter Hall 400A
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  • Kevin Robinson
    Kevin Robinson
    DSc (Orthopedic Tract) Rocky Mountain University; MS (Physical Therapy) University of Kentucky; BS (Physical Therapy) East Carolina University
    Location: McWhorter Hall 341
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  • Pat Sells
    Pat Sells
    DA (Exercise Science/Wellness) Middle Tennessee State University; MA (Adaptive Physical Education) Tennessee Technological University; BA (Physical Education) Tennessee Technological University
    Location: McWhorter Hall 337
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  • Michael Voight
    Michael L. Voight
    DHSc University of St. Augustine; PT Degree Hannemann Medical School; MS (Athletic Training) University of Virginia; BS Portland State University
    Location: McWhorter Hall 336
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  • Christi Williams
    Christi Williams
    Associate Professor
    DPT (Physical Therapy) Belmont University; BS (Psychology) Clemson University
    Location: McWhorter Hall 342
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  • Lydia Bradford
    BHS (Physical Therapy) University of Kentucky
    Location: McWhorter Hall 347
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Administrative Staff

  • Molly Duncan
    Molly Duncan
    Program Assistant
    Location: McWhorter Hall 349
  • Thomas Ebner
    Thomas Ebner
    Academic Support Assistant
    Location: McWhorter Hall 354
  • Sarah Schulte
    Sarah Schulte
    Admissions Coordinator
    MA (American History) Providence College; BA (French) Lee University
    Location: Inman Center 302
  • Bill Nichols
    Bill Nichols
    Director of Admissions for Graduate Health Science Programs (Nursing, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy & Pharmacy)
    MA (Mass Communication) Emerson College; BA (Communication) Eastern Nazarene College
    Location: Inman Center 302
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