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Research Opportunities

Psychology Undergraduate Research Symposium (PURS)

Each fall in November until 2004, the Psychology Department of Belmont University hosted the Psychology Undergraduate Research Symposium. This symposium provided an opportunity for our undergraduate students to present their independent research. It was also an opportunity for area high school students to visit the campus and find out more about our department. See below for links to past PURS presentations.

Science Undergraduate Research Symposium (SURS)

Beginning in the Fall of 2004, SURS replaced PURS for fall presentations. The presentations at this event include all departments within the School of Sciences at Belmont. See below for links to past Psychology SURS presentations.  For more information about this event visit the SURS Web Site

Belmont Undergraduate Research Symposium (BURS)

The Psychology Department is an active participant in BURS each year. This event is held each April and includes students from many disciplines on the Belmont campus. See below for links to past Psychology BURS presentations. For more information about this event visit the BURS Web Site

Middle Tennessee Psychological Association (MTPA)

Belmont Psychology Department is an active participant in this event which is held on different campuses within Middle Tennessee. See below for links to past MTPA presentations. 

Belmont Undergraduate Research Symposium

BURS 1991
BURS 1992
BURS 1993
BURS 1994
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Middle Tennessee Psychological Association

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Science Undergraduate Research Symposium

SURS 2004  
SURS 2005
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SURS 2014

Psychology Undergraduate Research Symposium

PURS 2001
PURS 2002
PURS 2003