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Students Present Research at Eastern Psychological Association National Conference

Twenty-five Belmont students recently presented their psychological research at the Eastern Psychological Association’s National Conference held in in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Drs. Jones, Yandell and Schoenfeld from the Psychological Science department also attended the conference. In addition to attending the conference activities, several students journeyed to the Mütter Museum to see slices of Albert Einstein’s brain and with a short walk past China Town, students toured both the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall. There were plenty of cheesesteak adventures to the famous Jim’s. The conference was directly across the street from the historic Reading Terminal Market, boasting a large assortment of foods ranging from Amish danishes to German chocolate.

The student poster presentations covered many disciplines within psychology and was the culmination of these students’ researcy. The students who attended this conference and presented their research posters were Anna Wingo, Aubry Lovell, Bailee Ficzere, Benya Paueksakon, Callie Burns, Daisha Cane, Dallas Mattern, Deja Shaikhutdinov, Eason Taylor, Hannah Johnson, Hope Fenton, John Longnecker, Jordan Hoffman, Kara Garrett, Keli Alden, Libby Day, Lily Tashie, Maddy Clarke Williams, Puti Wen, Rachel Holloway, Ragan Wilson, Reed Priest, Ryan Jensen, Seema Patel and Sielo Coleman. 

Presented posters included:

“A validation study of the Belmont altruism measure,” Ryan Jensen, Daisha Cane & John Longnecker

“Dyadic meta-accuracy and perceived motivational accuracy in academic work groups,” Reed Priest

“The impact of trait and state anxiety on emotional interpretation,” Ragan Wilson

“Olfactory cues and spatial navigation in rats,” Aubry Lovell, Kelli Alden & Krista Tice

“Stress response in rats when presented with conflicting versus novel sensory stimuli,” Kara Garrett, Sielo Coleman, Scott Dietz, Benya Paueksakon & Lily Tashie

“Effects of social isolation on behavioral confidence in rats,” Savannah Meech, Hope Fenton, Kaitlin Bayus, Gabby Gonzalez, Marilyn Lauterbach & Cille Taylor

“Effects of environmental enrichment on frustrative-nonreward and subsequent anxiety-like behavior,” Eason Taylor, Bailee Ficzere, Puti Wen, Alejandra Coto, Seema Patel & Jasmine Niazi

“Validation of a new measure of social media fear of missing out,” Madison Williams, Kelli Alden, Libby Day & Callie Burns

“Effect of relaxation techniques on public speaking anxiety,” Jordan Hoffman

“Measuring college student stress response in relation to group dynamics and personality,” Kelli Alden & Madison Williams

“Assessment of physical fitness and physical self-esteem,” Seema Patel, Jasmine Niazi, Hunter Foltz & Austin Townsend

“Walking with tunes: Synchronization of pace to music tempo,” Deja Shaikhutdinov, Cassandra Canaday, Denisha Morris & Janai Todd

“Impression management in assortative mating,” Ryan Jensen

“Personality judgement accuracy on Instagram and Twitter,” Rachel Holloway, Daisha Cane, Ragan Wilson, & Rose Prophete

“Obedience to authority scale: A new self-report measure of obedience,” Hannah Johnson, Daniel Mata, Puti Wen, Dallas Mattern & David Tronsrue

“Criticism instructions and social desirability on grammatical edits,” Anna Wingo, Reed Priest, & Aubry Lovell

Psychology Major Receives Psi Chi Research Grant

Student Eason Taylor poses in front of a poster at a research presentation.Eason Taylor, a psychology major, was recently awarded a Spring Undergraduate Research Grant of $1,500 from Psi Chi, the International Honors Society in Psychology, with faculty sponsor Dr. Timothy Schoenfeld, assistant professor of psychology. They will conduct research this summer as part of the Summer Scholars Communities program.

The project, entitled “Examining the Effects of Exercise on Frustration-induced Anxiety-like Behavior in Rats,” seeks to investigate whether voluntary exercise prevents increased anxious behavior in rats following induced frustration from learning tasks. Eason plans to look at how stress hormones and neuron growth in the prefrontal cortex mediate these effects. This research can help shed light on how natural behaviors, like exercise, can help prevent experience-driven negative mood states.

Psychology and Neuroscience Students Present Research at EPA Conference


A group of psychology majors and several neuroscience majors attended and presented research at the annual meeting of the Eastern Psychological Association held March 3-5, 2017 in New York City.  The Eastern Psychological Association (EPA) was founded in 1896 and is the oldest of the regional Psychological Associations in the United States. Also joining the Belmont group was a psychology alumna, Jasmine Jarupat, who is currently enrolled in a master's program in psychology at the University of Oregon.

In addition, psychology major Mallory McDonald served on a panel discussion with several students from other universities.  The session title was "THE IMPACT OF UNDERGRADUATE RESEARCH: A STUDENTS’ VANTAGE POINT."

Psychology faculty attending the conference were Drs. Gilbert, Jones, and Yandell.   Students who attended were Alex Gumucio, Morgan Turner, Samantha Gould, Justin Lang, Madlin Lausten, Katy Coffer, Kathryn Hook, Jacob Huffman, Mallory McDonald, Amber Lowe, Ashton Judy, Kayla Evans, Brittany Yeager, Kathryn Graeff, Emily Gildea, Blair Ferguson, Margaret Rittler, Julisa Nunez, Lauren Weaver, Scarlet Sanders, and Bee Strother.

All students presented their research in poster sessions, after a peer review process. Here is a listing of the research presented (*attended the conference):

Illusory Conjunctions: Gender and the Misperception of Happy, Angry and Neutral Emotions
Alex Gumucio*, Heather Jelonek, Seth Strobel, Tanisha Williams

The Differential Effect of Artificial and Natural Sugar on Memory in Rats
Morgan Turner*, Lindsey Dennis, Lauren Weaver*, Ali Miller, Stephanie Morin

Evaluating the Validity and Reliability of a New Scale for Uniqueness Seeking
Margaret Rittler*, Ashton Judy*, Hunter Foltz, Bee Strother*, Lauren Weaver*

Voice Pitch Effects on Auditory Working Memory
Sammie Gould*, Kayla Evans*, Courtney Bright, Nicole Canes, Stephanie Morin

An Examination of Note Taking and Lecture Style as Predictors of Test Performance
Justin Lang*, Tanisha Williams, Heather Dudley

The Validation Study of the Measure of Adaptive and Maladaptive Absorption
Madlin Lausten*, Katy Coffer*, Scarlet Sanders*, Brittany Yeager*

The Effect of Heuristics Made with Depleted Self-Control
Katy Coffer*

Perception of Intelligence Depends on Voice Intonation
Katy Coffer*, Blair Ferguson*, Kathryn Hook*, Kathryn Graeff*

Under Pressure: The Effects of Emotion and Anxiety on the Phonological Loop
Jacob Huffman*

Research Mentoring Program
Mallory McDonald*, Jasmine Jaraput*

The Effect of Mood Priming and Extraversion on the Perceived Pain of Spending Money
Amber Lowe*, Emily Gildea*

Man In the Mirror: How Sadness Affects  Eye Gaze and Speed of Emotion Recognition
Julisa Nunez*, Margaret Ritter*, Lauren Weaver*, Stephanie Cooper

DECEMBER 3, 2015


Belmont's College of Sciences and Mathematics hosts the Science Undergraduate Research Symposium (SURS) each fall semester. The 1st Annual event was held December 2, 2004, with 27 presenters at this first event. SURS is the culmination of many hours of undergraduate research work done during the summer and fall with faculty advisors and peers and offers these research students the opportunity to show the Belmont community the interesting research that is being done.


Research posters were set up in the 3rd and 4th floor atrium areas of Belmont's Wedgewood Academic Center. There were 58 students presenting their research posters in the areas of Biology, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Neuroscience, Environmental Science, Chemistry, Physics, and Honors – Psychology.  There were also 24 different individual and group oral presentations in Psychology.  The keynote address was given by Dr. Christopher Raridan, Associate Professor of Mathematics at Clayton State University who presented “What Undergraduate Research Means to Me”. 

Click here to see a listing of the research projects.

Students Present at the Middle Tennessee
Psychological Association

Faculty and students from the Department of Psychological Science attended the annual conference of the Middle Tennessee Psychological Association held at MTSU on Saturday, April 25, 2015. The psychology faculty attending the conference were Drs. Linda Jones, Pete Giordano, Seraphine Shen-Miller, William Bailey and Lonnie Yandell. The conference provides an excellent opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students to present their research to colleagues from other colleges and universities.

mtpaPictured L to R: Krista Beebe, Dr. Linda Jones, Dr. Lonnie Yandell, Justin Lang, Leah Rose, Dr. William Bailey,  Stephanie Cooper, Dr. Pete Giordano, Julisa Nunez, Brittany Redd, Alexandria Gumucio, Heather Dudley, and Dr. Seraphine Shen-MillerThe following research papers were presented by Belmont students:

  • Loving My Future-Self: The Effects of Perspective-Taking on Ageism
    Stephanie Cooper, Belmont University | Lonnie Yandell, Ph.D. (faculty advisor)

  • Eye Gaze and the Perception of Emotional Facial Expressions
    Brittany Redd, Belmont University | Lonnie Yandell, Ph.D. (faculty advisor)

These Belmont students - Krista Beebe, Justin Lang, Leah Rose, Julisa Nunez, Alexandria Gumucio, Stephanie Cooper, and Heather Dudley - presented the following research posters:

  • An Exploratory Study of Helping Behavior of Rats
    Heather Dudley, Krista Beebe, Alexandria Gumucio, Brittany Redd, Stephanie Seeley, and Elizabeth Wilson | William Bailey, Ph.D. (faculty advisor)

  • The Development of the Women’s Attitudes Toward Masculinity Inventory
    Heather Dudley, Savannah Johnson, Tanisha Williams, Savannah Ladage, Abigail Marchese, and Elizabeth Wilson | Pete Giordano, Ph.D. (faculty advisor)

  • Illusory Conjunctions: Gender and the Misperceptions of Happy, Angry, and Neutral Emotions
    Heather Jelonek, Alexandria Gumucio, Seth Strobel, and Tanisha Williams | Lonnie Yandell, Ph.D. (faculty advisor)

  • The Effects of Method of Information Presentation on Recall
    Julisa Nunez, Samantha Gould, Miranda West, and Sarah Balding | William Bailey, Ph.D. (faculty advisor)

  • College Students’ Eating Behaviors, Influences, and Perceptions of Healthy Eating
    Justin Lang | Linda Jones, Ph.D. (faculty advisor)

  • The Influences of Emotional Advertising on Willingness to Donate to Abused Animals
    Leah Rose, Chase Mackey, Miller Spivey | William Bailey, Ph.D. (faculty advisor)

  • Scents and Scintillation: The Effects of Lemon and Peppermint Essential Oils on Working Memory and Alertness
    Stephanie Cooper, Matthew Maloney, Jacob Huffman | Lonnie Yandell, Ph.D. (faculty advisor)

DECEMBER 1, 2014

The eleventh annual Science Undergraduate Research Symposium (SURS) was hosted by the College of Sciences and Mathematics. SURS is the culmination of many hours of undergraduate research work done during the summer and fall with faculty advisors and peers and offers these research students the opportunity to show the Belmont community the interesting research that is being done. Research posters were presented in the atrium area of Belmont's new Wedgewood Academic Center in the areas of Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science.


The keynote address “Why Talking to Your Car Can Drive You to Distraction” was delivered by Dr. David Strayer, Professor of Cognition & Neural Science at the University of Utah. Dr. Strayer is pictured, 2nd from right, with the Psychology Department faculty.

surs surs

The Psychology Department had their SURS presentations in the McWhorter Building. A total of 68 Psychology students gave oral presentations about their research.

Click here to see a listing of the Psychology research projects.


Psychological Science faculty and students attended the annual meeting of the Eastern Psychological Association in Boston, MA, on March 13-16, 2014. Eastern Psychological Association (EPA) was founded in 1896 and is the oldest of the regional Psychological Associations in the United States. Its sole purpose is to advance the science and profession through the dissemination of professional information about the field of Psychology. 


Those attending were (pictured L to R) Dr. Lonnie Yandell, Savannah Ladage, Antario Jones, Caroline Baumgartner, Breanna Wood, Monica Roufael, Savannah Johnson, Jasmine Jarupat, Jade Tucker, Stephanie Seeley, Shelby Wall, Melanie Chinsoon, Dr. Pete Giordano, and Dr. Linda Jones.

For the second year in a row, a Belmont student won a research award for research they presented at the conference. Jasmine Jarupat's psychology senior capstone study titled "Prosocial Behavior and Just World Belief Predicted by Mortality Salience and Religiosity" (supervised by Dr. Shen-Miller and Dr. Giordano) received a sixth place award, out of 100 competitors. This award was actually given in a graduate student competition -- Jasmine's poster was inadvertently considered for the graduate student competition even though she is an undergraduate! The award citation indicated to Jasmine that “you have been recognized for your excellence in presentation, research methodology, and research idea.”

Other research that was presented by the Belmont faculty and students included:

  • “The Construction and Validation of the Collegiate Trait Guilt Inventory”
    Kevin Dole, Jasmine Jarupat, Amanda Ellis, and Peter Giordano, PhD

  • "Rejecting Creativity: Why Uncertainty Hinders Novel Thinking"
    Monica Roufael, Jade Tucker, Jessica Kimber, Stephen Palmer, and Lonnie Yandell, PhD

  • "A Validation Study of a New Measure of Impulsivity"
    Breanna Wood, Matthew Wolf, Rebecca Gift, Jolinda Beck, & Peter Giordano, PhD

  • "Personal Distress and Socioeconomic Status as Predictors of Helping Behavior"
    Stephanie Seeley, Marleen Abdelnour, Antario Jones, Monica Roufael, Shelby Wall, Cassie Wyatt & Seraphine Shen-Miller, PhD

  • "The Relationships Between Materialistic Values and Prosocial Spending"
    Savannah Johnson, Caroline Baumgarten, Breanna Wood, Trey Haymond, Tanisha Williams, Eric Uplinger & Seraphine Shen-Miller, PhD



From left to right are Dr. Lynn Jones, Dr. Pete Giordano, Dr. Lonnie Yandell, Orlando Pisegna, Dawn Jiacoletti, Will Hobbs, Ken Parrish, Angie Melgar, Dr. Seraphine Shen-Miller


Ken Parrish (left) and Will Hobbs (right) present their poster at the Rocky Mountain Psychological Association meeting. Dr. Yandell, is their faculty mentor.