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What our graduates have to say

Here are some comments by Psychology graduates. If you have additional questions you would like to ask them, you may contact them directly by clicking on their names. 

Being a part of the department of Psychological Science at Belmont was truly a blessing for me. The sense of community you feel, the dedication of the professors, and the research/internship opportunities available are second to none. I started my journey at Belmont with the intention of becoming an elementary school teacher, so even though Psychology was my major, it wasn't a central component of  my  career plan. Along the way, I decided to switch to Special Education and pursue a Master's degree in this field. Before I even had time to realize it, I was in love with Psychology and started jumping on the research opportunities I was given in the department. Because of the boost undergraduate research experience gave my resume, I was accepted and offered full funding to one of the country's top schools in the field of Special Education. In the Psychology department I not only learned how to analyze and conduct Psychological research, but also how to produce exceptional work on my own, all while working as part of a team. The professors in this department take a personal interest in their students, helping them evolve both academically and professionally, and I'm proud to say that they helped me get to where I am today.

Olivia Brunson '12

Being a part of the Psychology Department has been a blessing in my life and has helped to prepare me for the future. I began studying psychology to help prepare me for graduate study in Occupational Therapy after I graduated. i couldn't have picked a better major. Learning about how the mind works and why people behave the way they do has helped me be more informed for working with individuals from a variety of different backgrounds. One of the steps in finishing OT school is to complete a semester long research project. The research projects that I did while I was a psychology student were invaluable in my education and by completing them I learned how to develop a research proposal, gather data, analyze data, write a research report, and present a research project. Working closely with other students and with the professors helped to create trust and understanding between us and helped develop my skills for working with other people. The Psychology Department is a wonderful environment to learn because the faculty want you to succeed and they will work with you to make it happen. I loved being a psychology student and wouldn't have had it any other way.
Kelly Denison '11

I can’t say enough about the Belmont psychology department.  The department creates an academic atmosphere that encourages and enables its students to produce high quality work.  The faculty not only prepares you academically and professionally for the next phase of life, but they genuinely care about you as a person.  Graduating with a degree in business and psychology, I can honestly say I would not be nearly as prepared for my current job or graduate school in the future had I not made the decision to choose psychology as my second major.  I learned how to analyze research, create an operational research project and evaluate the results. Not only does the department offer endless opportunities for research, but it also provides you the opportunity to present this research departmentally, campus-wide, and professionally to any number and/or variety of people.  I didn’t just learn facts from a book; I got to create new knowledge that no one (to my understanding) had ever known before.  This emphasis in undergraduate research and creation of knowledge is what a liberal arts education is all about.  I will take everything I have learned with me, but nothing could ever replace the relationships I’ve built with my fellow students and the faculty of the psychology department.
Ben McGlothin

I transferred toBelmont from a large public university, and at first I was unsure of what to expect from the Psychology Department. After spending three years taking classes, conducting independent research, and completing a practicum in the mental healthcare field, I can safely say that the Psychology Department provided me with not only an education, but also experiences and relationships that I would not have gained elsewhere. The Psychology Department offers numerous opportunities to not only learn new skills but also get to know your professors and classmates better, including BURS, yearly trips to Psychology conferences, and the Psychology Club. The professors are always available to answer questions, discuss your current and future plans, or to joke around with about whatever seems funny that day. Now that I have been accepted to graduate school, I am confident that the skills I gained as a Psychology major at Belmont will help me succeed in my career as well as in life.
Rachael Haney '09

I just entered a graduate program in Student Affairs at a top school in my field, and I am proud to say that, because of my experiences in the psych program, I am 100% prepared to excel in my graduate studies. The Belmont psych program offers opportunities unique from many other universities - for instance, I left Belmont with not one, but three independent research projects under my belt! I was able to present my research at several on-campus symposia as well as at professional conferences in Philadelphia and Boston. Beyond the critical thinking, presentation, and other professional skills I gained, I also gained a second family. I've made lifelong friendships with my peers and developed amazing mentor relationships with the faculty.
Shandus Valentine '08

The Psychology Department at Belmont is amazing. The activities that I was able to participate in such as BURS, The annual conference of the Eastern Psychological Association, and Psychology Club have prepared me for grad school as well as being successful in life. Besides attaining a wealth of knowledge about various psychology related topics I also learned research skills, organization and communication skills. The Psychology Department and all the professors are so friendly and welcoming. Not only did I learn a lot, I formed great relationships with the students and professors. I felt comfortable asking questions about class/assignments or just chatting about the weekend. I am so happy that I was involved in the Psychology Department at Belmont and will never forget my experiences there and how it prepared me for life after graduation! 
Afton Cole ‘08

"The psychology department at Belmont did more than teach me facts.  I learned how to gather information and critically analyze that information.  I learned how to apply my findings and the findings of others.  It was not simply a program in which we memorized names, dates, and theories.  We took information in textbooks and research reports and brought it to life.  Those real-world applications were a vital instrument in helping me succeed in my career."
Maggie (Cornwall) Kuyper '07

'I cannot say enough about the psychology program at Belmont. As an undergraduate I had the opportunity to be a peer tutor, attend conferences, present my own research, and intern at a reputable non-profit mental health organization. Graduating and entering the work force can be intimidating, however the education I received while in the psychology program has left me knowing without a doubt that I have the skills necessary to succeed in the field I have chosen. The faculty and staff are incredibly supportive. It is obvious that the professors enjoy taking the time to get to know their students.   The professors truly care about who you are as an individual and your learning needs.   They are role models for me not only as professionals within the field of psychology, but also as individuals outside of the work environment. I am honored to keep in contact with them even after my time as an undergraduate has come to an end. The psychology program at Belmont holds a special place in my heart and I am ever grateful for my time there.'

Sarah Miles '06 

'Coming into graduate school I felt intimidated and very unsure about what to expect.  After my first few classes I began to realize that all the research and paper writing I did as an undergraduate prepared me for the assignments and projects that will be required of me in the Industrial Organizational Psychology program.  I feel very confident that the background I received at Belmont University has completely prepared me for the further education I have chosen to pursue.'

Laura Bear '06 

'It's hard to explain just how wonderful the Belmont Psychology Department is. The faculty members are unbelievably invested in helping the students flourish. I think the supportive, friendly culture of the department is one of the reasons why it is such an excellent program. I ended up accomplishing things that I never thought possible, simply because the faculty encouraged my strengths and pushed me to excel, providing me with opportunities to both grow as a person and as a student. As a result, the psychology department prepared me to go to a Clinical Psychology PhD program where my peers are students that went to Harvard, Yale, UCLA, Stanford, and many other noteworthy schools. There's something to be said about a school that can provide the close student-faculty relationships of a small school and the educational opportunities to rival big ivy-league schools '
Radha Dunham '05

'Belmont's faculty in the Psychology Department is top-notch! I cannot imagine another academic atmosphere where I would have flourished more. The professors are well qualified with a variety of personal experiences that help students become aware of the various ways to use a psychology degree. They also provide quality education and encourage individual research experience that looks fabulous when applying for graduate school or a job. Yet, I think what separates this department from others is that the professors are personable and know how to encourage students' individual strengths. Overall, my experience of the psychology department was academically challenging and preparative, as well as personally encouraging and inspiring.'

Emily Sheffer '05

'I have just finished my first year of grad school in the PhD program in social psychology at the University of Virginia! I definitely feel like I made the right decision in choosing this. I also feel that my time at Belmont REALLY prepared me. I gave my first big talk a couple of weeks ago for the department, reporting the results of my first-year research project. When it was over, several people commented to me that it was obvious that I had done that kind of thing before. I gave all of the credit to you guys in the psych department at Belmont! In all ways I feel like I was more well-prepared to conduct and talk about research, even more so than my classmates who came from big, research-oriented programs.'
Katherine Ranganath '03 

'Since graduating from Belmont in 2002, my degree in Political Science and Psychology has served me well while working in Washington, DC. I am presently a Senior Campaign Finance Analyst at the Federal Election Commission, and although it may seem like a boring job to some (if not most!), this job has actually proved to be a good fit for me. Not only have I been able to do work in an area that really interests me, but I have also been able to use the analytical reasoning/research skills I acquired at Belmont to apply a complex and ever changing Campaign Finance law to the review of reports filed by political committees from all over the country. In addition, the oral presentation practice I received at Belmont has aided me when assisting the filing community at FEC Roundtable events and Conferences. Although I really enjoy my job, I am currently in the process of applying to law school in order to receive more specialized training in law, and I anticipate that my Belmont experience will also serve me well in this arena.'

Jenn Jones '02

'While I was a part of the psychology department at Belmont, I greatly appreciated the sense of teamwork and community that accompanied my research and classroom experiences. Now that I have graduated, I work in pediatric research and have realized how invaluable those Belmont psychology experiences were - not simply because I was surrounded by friends and professors who made learning fun, but because I gained skills that have allowed me to acquire a job in a competitive clinical setting.'
Kelly Voss '02

'Thank you to the best Psychology department. I appreciate your guidance and I hope to never forget anything I've learned from you.'
Shereen Haj-Hassan '01

'The Belmont Psychology Department prepared me to step right into the field with experience in research and statistics. The willingness of the professors to work individually with students on research presented me with so many opportunities. I have wonderful memories of the research conferences and special activities I was able to be a part of. When applying for a research position at Vanderbilt University, my department seemed very impressed with the work I had done at Belmont and in turn placed me in the research position I have now. I also feel that I am well prepared to apply to graduate schools next fall. I can't say enough about the faculty and research opportunities at Belmont.'
Rose Brummett '01

'I use the research skills I learned at Belmont every day; whether it's searching for journal articles, editing manuscripts, creating stimuli, running subjects or entering data. In addition, all the writing I did in the psychology program has helped me tremendously as a songwriter; just to be comfortable sitting down with a pen and paper and a vague idea. I am glad I chose to study psychology at Belmont and am confident that the skills I gained there will be invaluable in whatever the future holds for me.'
Jennifer Behnke '99

'I feel that graduating from the psychology program at Belmont University gave me an edge over most individuals with an undergraduate psychology degree due to the extensive experience that I gained in both research and practical settings. My experience at Belmont helped me attain a job right out of college for a position that normally requires a Masters degree or at least 2 years of full-time experience. Also, I know that the research I conducted at Belmont will be a great asset as I apply to graduate programs in psychology for next fall. I would recommend Belmont's psychology program to anyone interested in this field!'
Natasha (Lindley) Varnick '99

'The emphasis on independent undergraduate research in the psychology department prepared me well for graduate school. Once in a doctoral program at a large university, I realized how rare it is to find faculty helping students conduct the students' research.'

Michael Loftin '96