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Psychology Major Concentrations

psyWhat can I do with a psychology major?  This is a question that we get a lot, and the answer is that you can do any number of things!  For example, you can go into a variety of human services type professions including counseling, psychotherapy, psychological testing and assessment, social work, student affairs, human resources, and so on.

For many of these positions, you will need to pursue a graduate degree (see our link to graduate school resources), although there are also a number of positions available (e.g., case management) with just your undergraduate degree.  Moreover, a psychology major, especially when combined with a business minor, can be excellent preparation for jobs in the business world (e.g., sales, marketing).

And finally, a psychology major can help prepare you for a number of professions such as medicine, law, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and so on.

To assist you in your career planning, we have created a number of “concentrations” (i.e., recommended curricula) for your psychology major.  These concentrations help you get the coursework you need to gain admission to graduate school or professional school.  See below for more information on these concentrations. Also, be sure to discuss these concentrations with your academic advisor at Belmont: