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Payment of Accounts

Payment of Accounts: Internships in the Fall and Spring Semesters

Students are responsible for all application fees to The Center. Upon acceptance and confirmation of internship placement, the student is responsible for tuition to Belmont University for the nine or twelve hours of credit. The University shall pay The Center for the program fees. The student shall receive a tuition reduction equal to the difference between the program fees and tuition, minus a $750 administrative fee. This administrative fee may be adjusted if the need arises. The student shall be responsible for all other Washington expenses, including Center housing fees and student activities fees (if applicable).

Any refunds of tuition fees will be commensurate with The Center's refund policy. Students who are receiving (non-scholarship) tuition waivers must pay Belmont University the program fees of The Center prior to the semester. The University will then transfer the fees to The Center. All other financial aid shall apply as it would for normal full-time loads in the Fall or Spring Semesters.

Payment of Accounts: Internships in the Summer Term

Students shall follow the same procedures as outlined above. However, there will be an additional Course Fee equal to the negative difference between nine hours Belmont tuition and Center program fees, plus the administrative fee of $750.

Payment of Accounts: Seminars

Students wishing to attend an academic seminar sponsored by The Center shall be responsible for all fees. Upon successful completion of the seminars, students may seek Belmont University credits commensurate to the program (1-3 hours) through a Credit by Challenge Examination.

Financial Aid

Since credit hours are granted through Belmont University, normal financial aid criteria should apply in all cases. (The main exception would be family tuition waivers.) However, since expenses will be adjusted by one's stay in Washington, D. C. for the semester, students should reevaluate their financial aid standing prior to the semester.