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Credits Granted

Students who successfully complete the Fall or Spring Semester internship programs shall receive twelve (12) hours of credit from Belmont University. Students who complete the Summer Term shall be granted nine (9) hours of credit. Departments who participate in the program shall be responsible for determining how many of these hours may apply toward a major or minor in that particular program. Hours above this number up to the nine or twelve hours shall be granted as PSC 201, which will count only as general elective hours. (In certain cases in which the experience is adequately diverse, the hours may be divided between major and minor areas, with the approval of each program.) Major/minor hours shall be evaluated by the specific department's representative. PSC 2010 hours will be evaluated by the campus liaison. All hours will be evaluated on a 'Pass/Fail' basis, unless the department pre-approves an alternative method. PSC 2010 hours will always be granted 'Pass/Fail.' A 'Pass' grade shall require an evaluation of 'C' (70%) or above.

Students who complete academic seminars through The Center may apply for credits through a Credit by Challenge Examination. The Center's campus liaison, in coordination with the department granting the hours, shall determine the number of credits granted.