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Poli Sci 2010

Students at Belmont have numerous opportunities to participate in internships off campus.

Depending on her/his particular needs or career goals, a student may work in diverse political, administrative, and/or legal environments at the local, state, or national levels. Belmont presents an especially valuable possibility for anyone interested in state government since we are located in the capital city of Tennessee. Numerous opportunities exist for practical internships with state legislators, political consultants, party officials, and interest groups.

Also, Belmont is affiliated with The Washington Center, a Washington-based organization that specializes in placing students in individualized internships. In this program, students receive credits while they live and work full-time in or around Washington while also attending seminars and lectures. The cost of the program is approximately equal to a full semester on the Belmont campus.

The department also maintains a student-conducted chapter of the James Madison Society for political science students. Depending on student interests, the society involves itself in diverse political, social, and charitable activities. Each year, the students will likely plan and implement a series of convocation events on campus, as well as hosting the annual end-of-the-year department banquet.