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Philologoi Journal

Philologoi Journal



Philologoi: The Belmont University Undergraduate Journal of Philosophy 

Based in the history of philosophy, welcoming to both Western and comparative work, and encouraging the engagement with philosophy as a way of life, our student-led philosophy journal seeks to publish superior quality undergraduate writing to benefit the philosophical community here and at large by providing a forum for the open exchange of ideas and exposure to current and innovative philosophical research.


Volume One Editorial Staff:

Editors:  Joseph Storey, Daniel Rock, and Nathan Stabenfeldt;

Assistant Editors:  Mackenzie Foster and Bronson Raines;

Editorial Board:  Kent Toalson, Wells Marvel, Nick Gregg, Anna Tikhomirova, and Nick Kaper;

Managing Editor:  Dr. Mélanie Walton.


Volume Two Editorial Staff:

Editors:  Mackenzie Foster and Bronson Raines;

Assistant Editors:  Kent Toalson, Nick Gregg, Nick Kaper, and Trey George;

Editorial Board:  Wells Marvel, Allison Griffey, Darrell Gwaltney, and Anna Tikhomirova;

Managing Editors:  Professors Mélanie Walton and Clancy Smith.


Volume Three Editorial Staff:

Editors-in-Chief:  Mackenzie Foster, Bronson Raines, and Trey George;

Assistant Editors:  Matthew Clemons; Mikaila Minott; and Emily Bukowski;

Proof Editor: Darrell (Trey) Gwaltney;

Commentary Co-Editors: Tucker Dowell; Tom Ebner;

Readers: James (Elliott) Neal; Jordan Hamilton;

Marketing & Distribution Co-Editors:  Wells Marvel, Anna Tikhomirova, and Nick Kaper;

Managing Editors:  Professors Mélanie Walton and Clancy Smith.


Philologoi, Volume Four, Staff Directory:

Lead Editors: Colin Bodayle, Sean Della Croce, Tucker Dowell, Ryan McCoy;

Assistant Editors: Ethan Blackbird, Topher Lutz, Ashley Roberts, Ben Thomas;

Editorial Board: Taylor Berghoff, Mackenzy Congdon, MC Cunningham, Mackenzie Groff, Darrell Gwaltney, Melanie Kurstin, Luke Levenson, Mikaila Minott, Drew Swisher;

Managing Editors:  Dr. Mélanie Walton and Dr. Clancy Smith.