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Noel Boyle

Noel Boyle


Dr. Nole Boyle received his Ph.D. from Michigan State University in 2008 with a dissertation entitled "Physicalism and Qualitative Facts: A Critique of Frank Jackson." Most of his research is focused on the nature of consciousness, defending the view that phenomenal properties supervene on, but cannot be identified with, lower-level physical properties. Recent publications include "Phenomenology and Neurobiology: Towards a Three-Tiered Intertheoretic Model of Explanation," (The Journal of Consciousness Studies) in which he argues that the ideas of Maurice Merleau-Ponty and Patricia Churchland can usefully collaborate in developing an epistemological strategy for explaining consciousness.

Mirroring these research interests, Dr. Boyle's upper-level course offerings have included History of Contemporary Philosophy, Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Science, Existentialism & Phenomenology, Intermediate Logic, and The Problems of Consciousness. He also frequently speaks on campus in defense of evolution, against intelligent design creationism.

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office: WAC 3044