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You can do anything with a philosophy degree. But don't take our word for it. The following is a list of recent Belmont philosophy graduates:

Dr. Erin Cline (2001)
Assistant Professor, Religious Studies, University of Oregon
New Appt: Fall 2009 - Theology Department, Georgetown University, Washington, D.C.

Dr. Jay Odenbaugh (1994)
Department of Philosophy
Lewis and Clark College, Portland, Oregon

Travis Holloway (2005)
Ph.D. in progress, Philosophy Department
University of New York, Stony Brook

Dr. Ben Smith (1997)
Department of Philosophy 
St. Thomas Aquinas College, Nashville, Tennessee

Mancy Pendergrass (2002)
ttorney, Best Best & Kreiger LLP, Los Angeles

Joseph Partain (1993)
Department of Philosophy
Covenant College, Chattanooga, Tennessee

Elizabeth Charlton McConnell (1992)
Chair-Gen'l Education Department
The New England Institute of Art, Brookline, Massachusetts

Eric Detweiler (2007)
Graduate study in Literature, University of Louisville, Kentucky

Stephen Strother (2008)
Graduate study in Literature, University of Louisville, Kentucky

Phil Phillips (1990)
Middle Tennessee State University, English Department

Matt Smith (2004)
Graduate student in Public Affairs, Indiana University
Bloomington, Indiana

Tony Gross (2003)
Ph.D. in progress, Philosophy of Education
Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana

Tony Thompson (1989)
Attorney, Brentwood, Tennessee

Richard Hedgepath (1992)
Attorney, Nashville, Tennessee

Micah Stover (2002)
Graduate student in Literature, Belmont University
Nashville, Tennessee

Jeryn Warren (2004)
Graduate student in Writing, University of Tennessee - Chattanooga

John Warner (2000)
Ph.D. in progress, Political Science
University of California - Davis

Wes Camden (2000)
Attorney, Raleigh, North Carolina

Harvey Hix (1982)
University of Wyoming, Professor and Director of Creative Writing MFA program
Laramie, Wyoming