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Leadership Scholarship

Leadership/Service Scholarship

The Belmont University School of Pharmacy offers competitive scholarship awards to recognize extraordinary commitments to service and examples of leadership among the members of the entering class. This award reflects key values that help to define Belmont University and the School of Pharmacy.

One scholarship of $6,000 ($1,500.00 per year for 4 years) will be awarded to a member of the entering class from among those who apply for consideration, and who meet all requirements.

Scholarship Criteria

     •  The individual selected to receive the scholarship must have demonstrated sustained
          and atypical activity in leadership or service, working to affect positive outcomes in
          the lives of others or their community.

     •  The individual is recognized by others as carrying out these meritorious activities
          without expectation for self-benefit; they are examples of humility and effectiveness.

     •  The individual’s prior activities suggest a commitment to serving/leading others that
          will define a lifelong commitment.

Award Continuity

Each scholarship is awarded over four years. In order for the individual to continue to receive the award for all four years, he or she must continue to demonstrate leadership/service activities, document these activities in the professional portfolio each semester, maintain good academic standing (minimum cumulative GPA of 2.3), and plan the service project for new pharmacy student orientation each year.

Application Process

     •  Application deadline is July 1 for the upcoming academic year

     •  Individuals must be nominated for by a representative of an organization/group or
          community with whom the candidate has a demonstrable service history. A letter
          of nomination is required that summarizes how the nominee meets the award criteria
          and establishes the difference that the nominee’s activities have made in the organization
          and/or the lives of others. Use of specific examples is encouraged. The letter should be
          mailed directly to the school at the address provided below, and should be received by
          the school no later than July 1.

     •  Each nominee must provide 1) a current resume that includes history of activity relevant
          to the scholarship focus, and 2) a written statement of what motivates him or her to
          engage in the activity described by their leadership or service activity. The completed
          application packet must arrive at the College of Pharmacy offices by July 1.
          Award notifications will be made by August 1.

     •  Nomination letters and application packets should be mailed separately to the
          following address:

               Attn: Dr. Kristy Booziotis
               Leadership /Service Scholarships
               Belmont University
               College of Pharmacy
               1900 Belmont Boulevard
               Nashville, TN 37212

*Incomplete applications will NOT be considered. Please mail materials early in anticipation of the deadline.

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