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Pharmaceutical, Social & Admin Sciences


The Belmont University College of Pharmacy Department of Pharmaceutical, Social and Administrative Sciences effectively translates theory and methods into evidence based health care by providing positive learning experiences, collaborative scholarly activities, and professional role- modeling.


To be a model for innovative education, service and scholarship within an interdisciplinary health sciences environment.

1.    Enhance our identity as an autonomous department within the university
          a. Establish budgetary independence
          b. Expand the department brand on campus
          c. Establish and/or maintain dedicated departmental resources and infrastructure

2.    To be recognized for excellence in teaching, service and scholarship
          a. To develop a department portfolio in the scholarship of teaching and learning
          b. Continue as a university leader in the scholarship of discovery
          c. The department maintains current high standards for tenure and promotion
          d. Department members will maintain a high level of service to the department,
               college, university, community, region and nation.

Faculty Information:

Professor and Chair: Andrew A. Webster, Ph.D
Office: (615) 460-8123
Email: andrew.webster@belmont.edu
Curriculum Vitae

Assistant Professor: Leigh Ann Bynum, Ph.D.
Office: (615) 460-6587
Email: leighann.bynum@belmont.edu
Curriculum Vitae

Assistant Professor: Edgar Diaz-Cruz, Ph.D.
Office: (615) 460-6532
Email: edgar.diaz-cruz@belmont.edu
Curriculum Vitae

Assistant Professor: Angela Hagan, Ph.D.
Office: (615) 460-6676
Email: angela.hagan@belmont.edu
Curriculum Vitae 

Assistant Professor: Amy-Joan L. Ham, Ph.D.
Office: (615) 460-6586
Email: amy.ham@belmont.edu
Curriculum Vitae 

Professor: Eric Hobson, Ph.D.
Office: (615) 460-6743
Email: eric.hobson@belmont.edu
Curriculum Vitae 

Associate Professor: Kelley K. Kiningham, Ph.D.
Office: (615) 460-8128
Email: kelley.kiningham@belmont.edu
Curriculum Vitae

Professor: Marilyn E. Thompson Odom, Ph.D.
Office: (615) 460-8121
Email: marilyn.odom@belmont.edu
Curriculum Vitae

Assistant Professor: Ken Reed, Ph.D.
Office: (615) 460-8126
Email: ken.reed@belmont.edu
Curriculum Vitae

Professor: Steven P. Stodghill, Ph.D.
Office: (615) 460-6533
Email: steven.stodghill@belmont.edu
Curriculum Vitae 

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