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Andrew Webster

Andrew Webster

Professor and Chair, Pharmaceutical Sciences
Ph.D. (Pharmaceutical Chemistry),
Temple University Graduate School, Philadelphia, PA
B.S. (Pharmacy), Temple University School of Pharmacy, Philadelphia, PA

Dr. Webster serves as professor and chairman of the department of Pharmaceutical Sciences in the Belmont University College of Pharmacy. The pharmaceutical sciences are a group of interdisciplinary areas of study involved with the design, action, delivery, disposition, and use of drugs. The field draws on many areas of the basic and applied sciences, such as chemistry, biology, mathematics, physics, and chemical engineering and applies their principles to the study of drugs. The pharmaceutical sciences are further subdivided into several specific specialties:

  • Pharmacology
  • Pharmacodynamics
  • Pharmaceutical Toxicology
  • Pharmacokinetics
  • Medicinal Chemistry
  • Pharmaceutics
  • Pharmacogenomics

Dr. Webster's research interests include dosage form development and stability with an emphasis on liquid dosage forms for pediatric use and injectible drugs. Dr. Webster is also widely published on the topics of teaching innovations, classroom assessment, active learning strategies and curricular design. Additional interests include the design and development of novel centrally active ligands. Most recent publications include the stability and release of isoniazid from compounded suppositories, an assessment of a problem based learning course sequence, and an identification of activators of viral gene expression in polarized epithelial monolayers.

As a professor in the department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Dr. Webster's teaching responsibilities include presentations in the four course Pharmacodynamics sequence, Biochemistry and a Research elective. Along with his appointments at Belmont University, Dr. Webster holds appointments as a senior research scientist/research fellow in the Vulcan Materials Center for Environmental Stewardship and Education and as a member of the Investigational Bio-Safety Committee for Vaxin Pharmaceuticals Inc.

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Contact Information:

email: andrew.webster@belmont.edu 
phone: 615-460-6745