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Condit Steil

Condit Steil

Professor and Chair, Pharmacy Practice
Pharm.D. (Pharmacy), University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY
B.S. (Pharmacy), University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY

Dr. Steil serves as professor and chairman of the department of Pharmacy Practice in the Belmont University College of Pharmacy.  The pharmacy practice area comprises the application of pharmacy science and information to direct patient interaction, education, and care.  Insuring consistent and correct utilization of drug therapy as recommended is a cornerstone of good pharmacy practice.  However, today pharmacists are assuming the role of intervention to provide drug therapy and patient teaching that ultimately results in optimal patient outcomes.

Pharmacy practice now encompasses a wide range of practice environments including but not limited to community practice, hospital pharmacy practice, ambulatory care service, nuclear pharmacy, long-term care pharmacy, managed pharmacy practice, public health applications of sound pharmacy care, and informatics. The pharmacy practice department at Belmont University collaborates with others in the school and health care settings in the region to develop pharmacists with good critical thinking skills for problem solving. The on-campus course sequence and advanced practice experiences are planned to prepare enrolled student pharmacists for these exciting challenges.

Dr. Steil comes to Belmont with previous practice experience in a number of settings as a hospital pharmacy director, ambulatory care pharmacist, community and long-term care pharmacy, and previous pharmacy ownership. He demonstrated innovative skills in developing expanded services by pharmacists in each of his practice endeavors. Perhaps most noteworthy were an antibiotic surveillance program in the hospital setting and asthma/respiratory disease and diabetes education and care programs in the community setting. Dr. Steil has served as President of the Kentucky Pharmacists Association, in leadership roles in the American Diabetes Association and American Association of Diabetes Educators, and continues his active contributions to pharmacy professional organizations and has been recognized as a Fellow in the American Pharmacists Association.

As a professor in the department of Pharmacy Practice, Dr. Steil provides coordination and leadership in shaping the practice related courses including the therapeutics sequence.  Additionally, he collaborates with the entire department in the experiential program of the college.

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