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Cathy Ficzere

Cathy Turner Associate Professor and Chair; Pharmacy Practice
Pharm.D. Samford University, Birmingham, AL
B.S.  Samford University, Birmingham, AL

Upon completion of her Doctor of Pharmacy degree, Dr. Ficzere pursued specialty training by completing a Drug Information Residency at Samford University.  For the next seven years, Dr. Ficzere was a Drug Information Specialist at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. In this role, her responsibilities included the following: responding to information requests from other health care professionals and the public, evaluating medications and medication classes for formulary status, writing and editing newsletter articles, precepting students and residents, and advising residents on research projects. After moving to Nashville, Tennessee, Dr. Ficzere practiced at Saint Thomas Hospital as a Clinical Specialist in Anticoagulation for four years. While at Saint Thomas, Dr. Ficzere also provided resident education, assisted residents with research projects, and assisted with the drug information needs of the pharmacy department.

Dr. Ficzere was the founding Director of Drug Information Services for the Belmont University College of Pharmacy and established the Christy Houston Drug Information Center, built the pharmacy-related library collection, and developed drug information and literature evaluation curricula for the college. In June 2014, Dr. Ficzere became the Chair of the Pharmacy Practice Department. Dr. Ficzere continues to teach Introduction to Drug Information and Informatics, Biomedical Literature for Pharmacy, and didactic electives in medication safety and formulary management. Dr. Ficzere also serves on a variety of college and university committees, maintains board certification in pharmacotherapy, and is an active member of several national professional organizations. Additionally, Dr. Ficzere continues her commitment to post-graduate residency training by serving as the preceptor for the drug Information rotation for St. Thomas West’s pharmacy practice residency. Dr. Ficzere currently teaches in the following courses: Pharmaceutical Care I, Self-Care Therapeutics, IPPE IV Seminar, and IPPE V. Additionally, Dr. Ficzere teaches a didactic elective, Landmark Clinical Trials, and an experiential elective APPE focusing on academia. Dr. Ficzere serves on a variety of college and university committees, maintains board certification in pharmacotherapy, and is an active member of the American College of Clinical Pharmacy (ACCP) and American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP). 

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Contact Information:
phone: 615-460-6531