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The doctoral experiential component or residency required for the doctorate of occupational therapy degree takes the student from generalist skills to advance skills in the area of a student‟s choosing with the guidance of an expert and faculty advisor.  The residency is an integral part of the program’s curriculum design and includes an in-depth experience in one or more of the following: clinical practice skills, research skills, administration, leadership, program and policy development, advocacy, education, or theory development.

The student must successfully complete all didactic coursework, fieldwork I and II‟s, and competency prior to starting the residency.  During their final semester/term students complete a theme course that most closely relates to their chosen area of interest and they begin their actual residency.  The residency will be mentored by an expert in the field of the resident’s area of specialization and advised by a faculty member designated for that project.

Each student is required to complete 16 weeks or 640 hour to satisfy the requirement for residency. Prior fieldwork or work hours cannot be applied towards residency hours. Students must have a written plan as to how the hour requirement will be met as part of their residency contract. Completion of all fieldworks and residency must be completed within 28 months from completion of didactic work.

Click on the Residency titles below for a written and video summary of each residency.

2013 Residency Projects

Annie Taylor, Class of 2013   Amanda Alford, Class of 2013
Improving Outcomes for Individuals with Traumatic Brain Injury
Promotion of Collaboration between Therapist, Teachers, and Parents through Technology

Ashley Griffin, Class of 2013   Cassie Swihart, Class of 2013
Determining the Feasibility of Providing Occupation-Based Services to Prenatal Women on Bed Rest
Cleft Lip and Palate Education for the Parents of Children Affiliated with the Moore Pediatric Surgery Center in Guatemala City, Guatemala

Delma Maldonado-Gomez, Class of 2013   Jennifer Dutchess, Class of 2013
Mapping Assistive Technology through Client-centered Help (MATTCCH) Model: Development of an Evidence-Based Model for Matching Individuals with Brain Injury with Assistive technology
Coping with Cognitive Dysfunction and Learning Deficits: A Guide of Best Practice Strategies for Working with Individuals Experiencing Cognitive Impairments Secondary to Psychiatric Disorders

Jessica Norman, Class of 2013   Julie Walters, Class of 2013
Education for Teachers on Augmentative and Alternative Communication Devices (AAC), Inclusion, Collaboration, and Obtaining Grants for IPADS for use as AAC
Perceived Role Changes and Generational Differences Experienced by Grandparents Who are Serving as Primary Caregivers of their Grandchildren

Katie Schneller, Class of 2013   Kristin Walker, Class of 2013
Designing an Activity Resource Manual and iPad Training Power Point for Empower Me Day Camp
Animal-Assisted Therapy Business Concept: Essentials to Starting an Occupational Therapy Practice Incorporating Animals

Lynnsey Creamer, Class of 2013   Marshell McCall, Class of 2013
Development of Curriculum to Support Inclusion at the Maryland Farms YMCA Youth Activity Center
Exploring Best Measure of Success in Community Living Skills in the Adolescent Population

Mary Beth Long, Class of 2013   Melissa Green, Class of 2013
Eleanore’s Project: Providing Inclusion and Participation for Children in Developing Countries through Assistive Technology
Sensory Based Activities, Strategies, and Environmental Modifications for Youth Villages Inner Harbour Campus Children’s Unit

Philusa Chua, Class of 2013   Rebecca Helm, Class of 2013
Best Buddies Tennessee: Volunteer Education and Promotion of Occupational Therapy
Grant Search to Fund an Accessible Fishing Pier

Rebekah Hart, Class of 2013   Sarah Hayes, Class of 2013
Developing Statistical Normative Data for the Dynavision-D2 Visuomotor Assessment and Training System
Sensory Processing and Mental Health

Summer Scandrani, Class of 2013    
Increasing Independence in Self-Care Skills at Friends Life

2012 Residency Projects

Ali Cole, Class of 2012
Caitlyn Fisher, Class of 2012
Establishing an AMBUCS Chapter in New Jersey
Cognitive Support Technologies for Cognitive Rehabilitation

Kate Rungee, Class of 2012
Kristin Lidvall, Class of 2012
Occupational Therapy Dance Workshop
Perceptions of Families with Disabilities: Theme Park Barriers and Facilitators

Megan Self, Class of 2012
Rachel Higdon, Class of 2012
Program Development in Juvenile Arthritis and Transitioning
Mercy Children’s Clinic Healthcare Transition Initiative

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