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OTD Academic Program

The School of Occupational Therapy is committed to providing a doctoral program that both challenges and enhances your ability to learn.

The curriculum is based upon problem solving and collaborative learning. Through the integration of classroom experiences and clinical observation, the program blends theoretical understanding with the practical application of occupational therapy intervention, developing professional behaviors in the process.

In the spring of your first year, you will begin approximately 240 hours of clinical practicum experience directly linked to professional coursework in psychosocial, musculoskeletal rehabilitation, neuro-rehabilitation, general rehabilitation, pediatrics and management. This is often referred to as Fieldwork-Level I and will continue through your second year.

In year two, you will also complete a research project, working closely with faculty members to complete a comprehensive study of interest to you.  Then it is on to Fieldwork-Level II with 940 hours of clinical internships that meet AOTA accreditation standards.  Belmont has developed partnerships with over 650 clinical sites in occupational therapy and will assist you in finding internships targeted to your individual interests and needs.

The capstone of the curriculum is the residency which challenges you to develop and implement an educational program and unique service opportunity to enhance the practice of occupational therapy in the community, demonstrating your knowledge and expertise in a leadership capacity.

Students must successfully complete all Level II Fieldwork assignments and the residency component of the program within 24 months following the completion of the didactic portion of the OTD degree program.

School of Occupational Therapy
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