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Cassie Swihart, Class of 2013

Cleft Lip and Palate Education for the Parents of Children Affiliated with the Moore Pediatric Surgery Center in Guatemala City, Guatemala
The mission of this culminating project was to advocate for the families of children who have undergone cleft lip and palate surgeries at the Moore Pediatric Surgery Center in Guatemala City, Guatemala. The Moore Pediatric Surgery Center is a part of the Shalom Foundation, located in Franklin, Tennessee, which offers medical support to children and their families living in extreme poverty. The Moore Pediatric Surgery Center was established in 2011 to serve the low income and poverty level families of Guatemala City and surrounding areas. They provide healthcare services and surgeries to families who would otherwise have no access to healthcare. Following extensive onsite observation and a thorough review of the literature, an educational video was created to inform families about proper post-surgical care, safety, and anticipated development of their child following surgery.

Cassie Swihart, Resident

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