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Mary Riggins, Class of 2014

Influencing Participation & Inclusion of Children with Special Needs: Strategies for Camp Counselors and Volunteers
The purpose of this project was to implement a staff development opportunity for camp staff that supports participation and inclusion for all children at their level of function and abilities. The project was conducted for the summer program, “Camp Challenge,” at the Dorothy Gilmore Therapeutic Recreation Center in Fayetteville, North Carolina.  A needs assessment was conducted for the staff of this site, involving data collection from the anticipated learners, prioritizing the identified learning needs, determining the availability of resources, and assessing the demands of the program. Based on the review of the literature and questionnaire responses from 10 former camp staff members, common themes were developed: understanding physical, intellectual, and developmental disabilities; communication and impaired social skills; anticipating and managing problem behaviors; and modifying activities.  Learning materials were developed and reviewed by the former camp staff for implementation into the summer orientation.  It is anticipated that the learning materials will enhance staff orientations to equip Gilmore TRC’s camp staff with strategies that promote success and independence for the children they serve.

Mary Riggins, Resident

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