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Erica Revel, Class of 2014

Autism “Egg”stravaganza
The purpose of this residency project was to improve the quality of life in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder by hosting an informational event and creating educational materials to be distributed to participants. Through advocacy, education, promotion, and research, this event was designed to inspire parents and caregivers to utilize local therapeutic outlets and home interventions in order to provide their child with every opportunity to succeed.  To accomplish this goal and advocate for Autism awareness, a county wide Easter egg hunt was held in April 2014 at Lakewood Middle School in Henry County, Tennessee.   April 2nd is World Autism Awareness Day and the month of April is considered Autism awareness month.  Along with the Easter egg hunt, children participated in a relay race that allowed involvement of all typical and atypical children, along with their family members and peers.  A booth was set up with educational information regarding Autism Spectrum Disorder, along with local therapeutic resources, and home interventions for parents and caregivers.

Erica Revel, Resident

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