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Rachel Rarig, Class of 2014

Video Documentary:  Perceptions of Wheelchair Users on Accessibility
The purpose of this residency project was to identify and amplify the voice of wheelchair users regarding community mobility and accessibility.  This project sought to encourage positive societal attitudes and identities within the community and educate individuals about possible accessibility struggles faced by wheelchair users and how they have overcome environmental and attitudinal barriers.  Accessibility of community buildings was assessed utilizing advanced Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) site assessor skills from Kleo King, Vice President of Accessibility Services of the United Spinal Association. 

Recommendations regarding accessibility were provided as needed.   Wheelchair users were interviewed in order to better understand their experiences regarding community mobility.  Traveling, spending time with wheelchair users, and completing a documentary film about wheelchair users perspective on community accessibility aided in the development of advanced skills in the area of accessibility and its important relationship to occupational therapy and advocacy.  Recurring themes were identified through this project including full inclusion, universal design, and a desired acceptance of persons with disabilities as equal members of society as the underlying message and hope for the future of accessibility.

Rachel Rarig, Resident

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