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Rachel Higdon, Class of 2012

Mercy Children’s Clinic Healthcare Transition Initiative
The purpose of this culminating project was to work in conjunction with Mercy Children’s Clinic of Franklin, Tennessee to explore transition-planning practices in both the community and health care settings.  Mercy Children’s Clinic is part of Mercy Health Services, a non-profit pediatric medical clinic that serves children and families in five central Tennessee counties regardless of their insurance coverage or ability to pay.  I worked under the expert mentorship of Dorothy Bullard, head of the Care Coordination department, to develop a comprehensive transition plan for their patients aging out of services, starting at 12 years of age.  One of the main components of my residency project was researching transition planning tools that could be utilized by the clinic to effectively help their patients plan for this change in their lives.  The project outcome was a comprehensive transition planning resource that included multiple assessments, transition planning tools, and transition educational tools that can be used with patients and families alike.  This resource will have a huge impact on the future of Mercy Children’s Clinic as they plan to start using it within their Chronic Care department as soon as possible.  It will also have an enormous impact on the population as they will not only have their skills and abilities assessed, but as a result, Mercy Children’s Clinic will be able to ensure that they receive the services needed in a timely fashion to help them be as independent as possible when they age out of services.


Rachel Higdon, Resident


Dorothy Bullard,
Expert Mentor

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