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Megan Gianneschi, Class of 2014

An Academic Experience in Occupational Therapy
Utilization of evidence-based practice in occupational therapy practice is a crucial component to the AOTA’s Centennial Vision (AOTA, 2006). DeAngelis, DiMarco, and Toth-Cohen (2013) assert that the habit of incorporating evidence-based practice into client services begins during an emerging therapist’s educational years. Furthermore, Crepeau, Thibodaux, and Parnam (1999) report that the field of occupational therapy is lacking a sufficient amount of qualified professional educators due to increasing numbers of educational programs with expanding capacities for students.

These two claims served as the foundation and motivation for this Culminating Project, which was conducted in conjunction with the expert mentorship of Occupational Therapy Assistant faculty in order to develop teaching materials, cultivate instructional skills using the teaching-learning process, and create programming that adheres to OTA course objectives. These objectives were accomplished through constant review of evidence-based practice to inform instructional skills and educational methods, which lead to the creation of lecture materials, the implementation of a student needs assessment, post-lecture student reflections, gathering of student feedback regarding the student-instructor’s performance, and the development of a competency testing scenarios in which students will be required to facilitate appropriate intervention in a client care simulation.

Megan Gianneschi, Resident

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