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Nathan Cruse, Class of 2014

Moving Forward: Advocating for the Inclusion of Athletes with Disabilities in Mainstream Running
This project was dedicated to providing athletes with disabilities the opportunity to participate in mainstream running events.  The project involved three major components:  Development, Promotion, and Reflection.  The development phase involved collaboration with members of the Achilles International-Nashville board in order to plan the Hope & Possibility 5 Miler and 1 Miler race, which took place on May 10, 2014 in Nashville, Tennessee.  The race made it possible for athletes with disabilities and able-bodied individuals to run side-by-side towards a common goal.  Planning this race involved completing preliminary paper work, researching and seeking out potential sponsors, developing a course route, and corresponding with necessary individuals who were involved in the event. The Promotion phase focused primarily on advertising and promoting the Hope & Possibility event. This involved developing the race registration website, creating promotional materials, distributing materials, updating social media pages, visiting local organizations and businesses to discuss participation, and attending local running events in order to raise awareness of the event.  The third phase involved personal reflection upon the work that was dedicated to the project, the professional skills that were developed, the success of the event, and the impact the event will have in the Nashville community.

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