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OTD Curriculum

The traditional weekday format of the program consists of seven semesters completed over a 36-month period. Doctoral students in the School of Occupational Therapy must complete all program requirements for graduation within 6 years from starting the program.

Occupational Therapy Doctorate Program Course of Study

Fall Year 1 (18 credits)

 OTD 6000 Foundations in Occupational Therapy 
 OTD 6010 Occupational Behaviors
 OTD 6011 Occupational Behaviors Lab 
 OTD 6020 Ethical Decision Making 
 OTD 6030 Kinesiology/Anatomy: Assessing Human Performance 
 OTD 6031 Kinesiology/Anatomy: Assessing Human Performance Lab 
 OTD 6040 Clinical Pathophysiology 
 OTD 6050 Critical Reasoning and Evidence-Based Practice 

Spring Year 1 (19 credits)

OTD 6100  Cultural Awareness in Human Development I 
OTD 6110 Occupational Performance for Adult Population 
OTD 6111  Occupational Performance for Adult Population Lab 
OTD 6120  Clinical Studies I 
OTD 6130  Technology and Environmental Interventions I 
OTD 6131  Technology and Environmental Interventions I Lab 
OTD 6140 Neuroscience: Assessing Human Performance 
OTD 6141  Neuroscience: Assessing Human Performance Lab 
OTD 6150  Quantitative Research Processes 
OTD 6160  Adulthood Population Fieldwork and Seminar- Level I 

Summer Year 1 (6 credits)

OTD 6210 Managing OT Delivery Systems                          
OTD 6220 Leadership and Public Policy 
OTD 6250 Qualitative Research Processes

Fall Year 2 (19 credits)

OTD 6300  Cultural Awareness in Human Development II 
OTD 6310  Occupational Performance Infant-Adolescent Populations 
OTD 6311  Occupational Performance Infant-Adolescent Pop. Lab 
OTD 6320  Clinical Studies II 
OTD 6330  Technology and Environmental Interventions II 
OTD 6331  Technology and Environmental Interventions II Lab 
OTD 6340  Educational Strategies in Occ. Therapy-Intr to Capstone
OTD 6350  Research I 
OTD 6360  Infant-Adolescent Populations Fieldwork & Sem.-Level I 

Spring and Summer Year 2 (25 credits)

OTD 6400  Cultural Awareness in Human Development III 
OTD 6410  Occupational Performance for Aging Population 
OTD 6411  Occupational Performance for Aging Population Lab 
OTD 6420  Clinical Studies III 
OTD 6430  Interventions in Cognition and Perceptual Disorders 
OTD 6431  Interventions in Cognition and Perceptual Disorders Lab 
OTD 6440  Capstone Planning Seminar 
OTD 6450  Research II 
OTD 6460  Aging Population Fieldwork and Seminar- Level I 
OTD 6480  Fieldwork- Level II 

Fall Year 3 (9 credits)

OTD 6580  Fieldwork- Level II                                                    

Spring Year 3 (12 credits; Each student must select 1 of the following 4 Theme Courses to be completed in conjunction with the Residency.)

OTD 6600  Community Based Practice & Faith Based Advocacy (elect)
OTD 6610  Entrepreneurial Leadership (elective)
OTD 6620  Clinical Excellence (elective) 
OTD 6630  Technological Advances (elective) 
OTD 6680  Residency:Experiential Component (640 hours/16 weeks)  10 

Total: 109 semester credits

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