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Distance Learning Assessment

Belmont’s MSOT Program requires attendance once every three weekends. On the weeks that students are not on campus, coursework and course discussions occur via distance learning. Thus, the traditional face to face format is augmented by distance education. Self-assessment should be conducted to determine if a program that is enhanced by distance learning is appropriate based on your learning needs, expectations, and style.

Daily access to a computer with a web cam is required. High-speed Internet access is strongly recommended since students must be able to download large files and view videos. Belmont uses Blackboard to operate their online courses. Blackboard is a Web-based application and other browsers and operation systems may work well, however, the listed configurations are the only configurations that are tested and supported by Blackboard:

Desktop OS Browser Versions Mobile and Tablet OS Browser Versions*
Android Browser Not available 4+
Chrome** 36+ 35+
Edge** 20+ 20+
Firefox** 47+ Unsupported
Internet Explorer*** 11+ Unsupported
Safari 9.1+ 9.1+

The skills and abilities recommended to participate in a distance enhanced education program are:

1) Being resourceful and enjoying research and reading to find answers to questions rather than listening to a lecture that provides the answers.

2) Being an excellent reader and visual learner.

3) Being motivated to complete homework and other assignments in a timely manner.

4) Ability to participate in virtual discussions and to not require regular, live interaction to meet learning needs.

5) Being highly independent as a learner but able to recognize the importance of working in a group.

6) Not requiring immediate feedback from instructors or ability to schedule time to transmit questions in advance (well before assignments are due).

7) Being comfortable taking examinations online.

8) Being confident with writing abilities but also welcoming to suggestions for improvement.

9) Ability to dedicate the same amount of time per week to complete coursework that a traditional classroom program would require.

10) Recognizing that you are ultimately responsible for your learning.

11) Ability to create, delete, modify, and save a word-processing document.

12) Ability to cut and paste images into a word-processing document.

13) Ability to cut text from a word-processing document and then paste in another document.

14) Knowledge of how to bookmark favorite websites on the Internet.

15) Ability to conduct Internet searches using Google, Yahoo, AOL, MSN, or other online search directories.

16) Ability to copy and share URL’s with others.

17) Ability to download and install browser plug-ins for Adobe Reader, Windows Media Player, Real Player, etc.

18) Availability of high-speed Internet connection and a personal computer.

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