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Recruitment Counselor Training

The Panhellenic formal recruitment process is complex and oftendaunting for students, especially those unfamiliar with the sorority experience. To help guide and counselstudents that participate in this process, each year a group of upperclassmen who are established leadersin the sorority community make the decision to disaffiliate from their own organizations and train throughoutthe spring and summer to be unbiased resources and mentors for the potential new members participatingin formal recruitment.

These women receive training in history and information about each sorority at Belmont. They participate inbasic counseling skills training and practice speaking with potential new members. In addition, recruitmentcounselors (having temporarily relinquished their own sorority membership) spend time developing asupport system and sisterhood with one another as they are not allowed to communicate with their ownsorority sisters in the weeks leading up to the recruitment process.