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Belmont University | Belief in Something Greater

Intentional Learning

Leadership is ultimately an expression of one’s character – more who a person is than what he or she does. Leadership roles within the Division of Student Affairs are redesigned not only to influence and shape the life of the campus community, but to reveal and refine the character of those who serve in them, as well as to unite and create shared common experiences. We believe that students learn best when given authentic experiences in leadership and life – characterized by real power and responsibility, genuine opportunity and choice.

In congruence with Belmont’s Mission, Values and Community Commitments, the Office of Student Organizations and Activities strives to create authentic educational opportunities and experiences that will lead our students to become global citizens. 

SOA serves Belmont’s Mission by providing authentic student leadership experiences that “prepares students to use their intellectual skills, creativity, and faith to meet the challenges and opportunities that face the human community”. We believe God created each student for a purpose and equipped them with unique dispositions, talents and abilities to pursue their given purpose. We are all created to give ourselves to something bigger than ourselves, and when we use our lives to “engage and transform the world” we are transformed as well. The Divison of Student Affairs’ commitment to “Jesus as the Christ and the measure of all things…” not only calls us to the highest standards of excellence, care and commitment, but also to actively respect and protect individuals’ rights to choose directions and beliefs of their own. 

SOA is intentional about making the student learning experience seamless and creates connections that integrate the curricular and cocurricular contexts. We believe authentic leadership experiences enhance student learning and cognitive, psychosocial, moral and ethical development. As Belmont University has grown, so has the amount and complexity of leadership roles within SOA. We also recognize that more and more students are engaging in leadership experiences in a variety of levels and the amount and complexity of leadership roles within SOA has grown. In order to unite and create shared common experiences among the vast numbers and levels of leadership experiences, SOA has created shared student leader learning outcomes. These learning outcomes fall under five thematic areas that we feel are essential to all leadership experiences. All student leaders will have the opportunity to:  

  1. Develop Meaningful Relationships, 
  2. Engage in Self Discovery
  3. Gain Cultural Competency
  4. Develop Community and 
  5. Live a Purposeful & Satisfying Life – ultimately providing opportunities to influence positive social change within the Belmont community and beyond.