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Alpha Tau Omega

ATO Fraternity Logo

Alpha Tau Omega is a national fraternity which was originally founded in 1865 in hopes of bringing the North and South together in peace after the Civil War.

ATO was the first fraternity founded as a national organization rather than a local group. It is a fraternity based on Christian principals rather than Greek ones. This fraternity's leadership development programs are recognized as the finest and most effective collegiate programs nationwide, hence the name, 'America's Leadership Development Fraternity.'

The goal of the Iota Phi chapter of the Alpha Tau Omega is to join men in a brotherhood not based on social life, but on substance. Its objective is to leave a positive, lasting imprint on those who dedicate themselves to the organization.

Our founder, Otis Allan Glazebrook said it best when he said, 'Alpha Tau Omega holds before the young men of the country an ideal and something greater than a mere intellectual ideal...It has given men a true ideal of life.'