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The number of convocation credits a students needs is determined by the number of credit hours he/she has when they BEGIN his/her time at Belmont University. For the majority of traditional students, he/she will be considered a freshmen and have the first set of requirements. However, the following is the breakdown for transfer students and second-degree seeking students.

1. Freshman transfer with 0 to 29 hours
2. Sophomore transfer with 30-59 hours
3. Junior transfer with 60-89 hours
4. Senior transfer with 90 plus hours

Graduate and non-degree seeking students are not required to participate in the Convocation Program.

University College students should contact the University College office or Student Affairs office in order to determine their specific requirements and methods for completing Convocation.

*If you have any questions pertaining to the required number of credits you need to complete please feel free to contact our office at or 615-460-6407.