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BruinLink is Belmont's online platform to centralize, organize and advance co-curricular involvement opportunities for Belmont students. Students, faculty and staff can access BruinLink through logging into MyBelmont and clicking on the BL button on the MyBelmont home page.

BruinLink provides: Tools for Managing Co-curricular Involvement

BruinLink provides the following tools to manage student organizations and other departmental needs:

  • Customize an organization/program profile with content and graphics.
  • Post articles to a campus news ticker and allow commenting on group discussion walls.
  • Manage student and staff rosters and fill positions with newly-recruited members.
  • Send out e-mail or text messages (SMS) to specific officers, event attendees, or an entire organization/program membership list.
  • Promote events through the virtual flyer board that simultaneously includes all posted events on a campus-wide calendar.
  • Hold secure online elections for open officer positions.
  • Upload lists of students; send out invitations, monitor RSVP status.
  • Approve service hours completed by organization/departmental members.
  • Store electronic documents, photos, and other files and control who can access them.
  • Manage all required forms, applications, etc within organization/program page.
  • Assign RSS feeds and QR codes to all programs within pages for easier access and tracking purposes.

Co-curricular Transcripts

The co-curricular transcript tool within BruinLink allows students to showcase their areas of involvement, learning experiences, and overall outstanding achievements. The Office of Student Engagement & Leadership Development (SELD) is also able to access transcripts in order to advise students and help them connect their co-curricular experiences to the achievement of goals (e.g. increasing academic performance or getting a job after graduation).

  • Important aspects of student activity–including things like organization membership or service hours completion–can be reflected on the transcript.
  • Students can request approval for past involvements to be displayed on the transcript; these requests may be reviewed individually or set to auto-approve upon submission.
  • When assigned with corresponding learning outcomes, student self-reflection statements can be included on the transcript as supporting documentation of learning.

Certificates & Curriculums

The BruinLink certificates and curriculums toolset automates the tracking of student progress across certification programs, curriculums, orientation task assignments, and other initiatives such as passport programs, first year experiences, and even campus-wide experience programs.

  • Encourage student success inside and outside of the classroom by linking curricular learning with student activities involvement and participation through a certificate program or curriculum.
  • Represent the existing programs and services of your department or division of student affairs as pieces of your curriculum in order to expose students to your learning and developmental outcomes.
  • Provide pathways or “tracks” for students to follow so that they can see what steps will help them achieve their goals and what they should take away from their experiences — all while giving them visual indicators of progress.
  • Require students to submit self-reflections or other evidence of learning in order to receive completion credit so that you can demonstrate the impact of your office or divisional programs and services on the student experience.

Measure Engagement

Providing opportunities to get involved in campus activities is not difficult for most institutions; rather, measuring levels of student satisfaction and engagement with those activities, however, is often a challenge. BruinLink provides tools for creating surveys and quantifying student exposure to learning outcomes. Additionally, through integration with Campus Labs Baseline, assessment instruments can be sent to students, extending your ability to:

  • Compare self-reported student interests against the interests of your organizations in order to assess whether involvement needs are being met.
  • Measure the effectiveness of service learning outcomes based on student participating in organizations with recorded service hours.
  • Capture evidence of student learning through pre- and post-assessments, administered before and after learning opportunities to gauge the effectiveness of specific activities.

Operational Reporting

Exportable reports allow for immediate reference to and assessment of a variety of campus functions, including:

  • Registration and recognition of organizations and on-campus departments.
  • Management of organization/departmental leadership contacts.
  • Engagement of students with co-curricular activities and events.
  • Student completion of public or community service hours.
  • Spending of student activities fee allocations.
  • Approval of events.
  • Campus-wide student elections. 

** Any custom form built within BruinLink provides aggregated summary reports of participant submission results. **