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Forge the Relationships (Student Organizations)

SOA affirms the choice of Belmont students to engage in the campus community by choosing to get involved in opportunities outside the classroom.  Student organizations provide an unique avenue for students to engage in the co-curricular experience, get connected and develop holistically during their time at Belmont.



 Learn the Lessons (Leadership Development)

SOA provides development opportunities for student organization leaders at Belmont.  Student leaders are provided with opportunities characterized by real power and responsibility, genuine opportunity and choice. Student leaders are also encouraged to develop their leadership skills through the Belmont Office of Leadership Development - BOLD whether or not they hold a formal leadership position.  SOA leadership roles are designed not only to influence and shape the life of the campus community, but to reveal and refine the character of those who serve in them, thus providing opportunities to learn difficult and challenging life lessons in a safe and productive learning lab environment.  Driven by the values of service, experience, and ethics, BOLD will provide leadership and learning experiences that will enhance students' capacity to lead and serve ethically on and off campus. 


Make the Memories (Traditions & Campus Programming)
Campus traditions and  programs play an important role in supporting campus engagement and ensuring a vibrant campus community. SOA works to ensure that all students have the opportunity to be involved in campus traditions such as Homecoming, Fall Follies, First on the Floor, Greek Week, Life Beyond the Tower and more!  Additionally, SOA provides campus wide activities and programming that helps build community and create life-long memories for our student body.