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Belmont University | Belief in Something Greater

Amy Coles, Director

amy colesEducational background
• Bachelor of Science in Psychology & Minor in Religion from Dallas Baptist University, 1997
• Master of Education in Higher Education Administration from Dallas Baptist University, 1999

Years worked in higher education
I have been serving in some sort of higher education full-time position going on 19 years now.  I started off in Enrollment Services at Dallas Baptist University and quickly moved up becoming the Director of Recruitment.  From Enrollment Services, I moved into the Director of Student Life position at Dallas Baptist University and served in that role for three years before moving to Nashville, TN to become the first-ever Director of Student Activities here at Belmont University in 2001.  I have been at Belmont going on 15 years now and have seen my position transition and take on new responsibilities and opportunities each year. 

Why I chose to pursue a career in higher education
I was planning on pursuing a full time career in counseling and had started into my Masters in Counseling at Dallas Baptist University while serving as the Director of Recruitment and Director of Student Life.  It wasn’t until my university President had an enlightening conversation with me about calling and vocation that I realized that God wasn’t calling me to be a full-time counselor but that my true calling was to serve as a change agent in the lives of college students on a college campus.  I am forever grateful to Dr. Cook at DBU for heeding God’s call for him to have that conversation with me so many years ago.  That relatively informal and simple conversation revealed my true calling and I am blessed to be living in the center of God’s will each and every day.

Something fun or unique about myself
I used to LOVE the show Ed, where the main character, Tim Cavanaugh, was a lawyer and also owned a bowling alley.  I always thought it would be so cool to marry a guy like Ed.  Well, I did marry a lawyer but he doesn’t own a bowling alley, BUT he did grow up bowling with his dad on the weekends.  I guess that’s close enough!