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About Us


Trish WhitePatricia White
Assistant Provost of Assessment and Institutional Research

Data is an important asset of the university and ensuring the quality and accuracy of our data requires a comprehensive and collaborative approach.  As the Director of Business Intelligence and Data Management I work with a variety of university offices on data governance, documentation and training to ensure that that the university has the best possible data available for decision-making and daily business processes.

mary lucus

Mary Lucus
Director of Institutional Research

Every institution must first know itself. As director of institutional research it is my role to paint an accurate picture of Belmont -- our students, our faculty, our staff, and our history. As we come to understand who we are, we make better decisions about where we are going and we have more power to have a say in our future. 

carol smith walter

Carol Smith Walter
Director of Academic Assessment

How do we know we are accomplishing what we set out to accomplish as an educational institution? Through assessment. Each of our educational programs has identified its goals and established measurements for whether it is accomplishing these goals. I coordinate that effort. 


Patrick HallerPatrick.jpg
Business Intelligence Developer

Business Intelligence offers a more efficient and clear way to view important data. As a Business Intelligence Solutions Developer, I research how the university’s data is being stored and used in order to create new ways to view that data through analytical tools and reports. These efforts are meant to increase productivity among users and allow for easier business decisions.

Brian-Joy-Headshot.jpgBrian Joy
Institutional Research Analyst

Data is most useful when it is both accurate and easy to interpret. As an Institutional Research Analyst, I seek to identify historical trends, collect the data of the present, and project future changes. I share these findings with institutional stakeholders to ensure the continued success and growth of the university.