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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I change the address that the university has on file for me?

 A Faculty, students and staff may update their own addresses in Banner Self-Service by logging in through the MyBelmont Portal. See the instructions found at  Alumni, parents and other constituents of Belmont may contact Development and External Relations using the online form found at:

Q: What if Clean Address tells me my address is invalid?

 A. Clean address will attempt to make suggestions to help you correct your address.  Most problems result from misspellings or formatting an apartment number incorrectly.  You should be able to copy and paste the corrected street name or number into the form you are editing or just correct the typing mistake.  Sometimes it is helpful to clear all address fields and enter only street line 1 and the zip code.  When you tab out of the zip code field, clean address will format the other data for you.  If you continue to have problems, please email for assistance.

Q: Can I enter an international address through Banner Self-Service?

A: Yes, if your address is outside of the US, you may update or insert this through Banner Self-Service. Clean Address will ignore addresses where the country is not US.  For this reason, when entering an international address, please enter the country first.  Remember that students who are non-resident aliens are required by Immigration authorities to notify the International Student Officer of any change in their US/local address within 10 calendar days of that change.