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Student Survey FAQs

What is Title IX and why does it have a survey?

Title IX is an Amendment established in 1972 that protects individuals from discrimination based on sex. In particular it protect individuals in any educational program or activity operated by recipients of federal financial assistance. Because of Title IX, victims of sexual violence, sexual harassment, stalking, and relationship violence are encouraged to seek support and report the incident. In an effort to protect and advocate for those victims, Belmont University has appointed a Title IX Coordinator and established a Campus Climate Survey targeted toward sexual assault. For more information... 

Helpful InformationTitle IX Resource Sheet | Title IX Responsible Employees | Title IX FAQ


Why am I receiving these survey requests?

Each spring the Belmont University student body is asked to respond to a few surveys. These surveys ask about your experience at Belmont including academics, support services, community, and the health and safety of campus. While each student’s response is completely confidential, the responses as a whole are gathered together and reported to a variety of decision-making groups.


Why is Belmont sending me so many surveys?

Belmont sends a limited number of surveys to students during the year, and we are working to space these out so that they don’t all hit students at once at the end of the year. Here are the surveys from Belmont and what they cover:

Survey Name



Spring Survey

All Undergraduate
Students who have not applied for graduation

Personal Experience
Interaction with Faculty
Academic Advising
Choosing/Changing a Major
Academic Experiences
General Education
Social Experiences
Belmont and Beyond
Spiritual Development

Graduate Student
Experience Survey

All Graduate

Campus Culture and Opportunities
Overall Satisfaction
Satisfaction with Campus
   Services and Facilities
Advising and Mentorship
Departmental Culture
University Code of Conduct
Funding Sources
Time Allocation
Additional Comments

Graduating Student

Graduating Seniors
both Graduate
and Undergraduate

Academic Experiences
Campus Life
Campus Services and Facilities
Goals and Gains

Sexual Climate Survey

All Students both
Graduate and

Campus Climate
Sexual Assault Training
Experience with Sexual Assault
Dating/Intimate Partner Violence
Bystander Intervention

Course Evaluations

All students,
every semester

Sent via Campus Labs, these surveys
are critical to measuring and improving
courses at Belmont.



What are the other surveys I receive then, the ones with the funny abbreviations?

Other surveys—including the CIRP Freshman Survey and the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE)—come from outside organizations and help measure Belmont’s atmosphere against other institutions across the country. Though these surveys may have some overlap, each performs a distinct function for a distinct audience.


How do I know any of these surveys are worth my time?

Survey responses become a voice of the student body, and Belmont’s administration listens to that voice. For example, recent survey results have led to student-input of space reallocation, changes to the general education BELL Core curriculum, course scheduling, increased cultural activities on campus and new office hours for the Provost, among other changes.

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