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Assessment Basics

The Assessment Process

The process of assessment is a cyclical one that begins with the end in sight. Once you know your desired outcomes, you set a measure to inform you of how successful you have been in achieving that outcome. Once you've collected data for your measure, you consider the results. Did you accomplish what you had hoped? If not, what changes do your results suggest? 

Here at Belmont, part of the assessment cycle is a peer review process that provides Program Coordinators with observations from colleagues regarding their outcomes, measures, and assessment process in general.

Assessment Cycle

Building an Assessment Plan

Consider each part of the Assessment plan. When they all work together, you get meaningful data that facilitates decision-making. If that decision-making is not being facilitated, one of these areas could need some attention.

Assessment Building Blocks


Writing Effective Outcome Statements

Choosing the Right Assessment Methods

Reporting Your Results

Qualitative Data: Coding for Organization

Quantitative Data: Presenting Findings Visually