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Fast Track Option

Nursing StudentThe Fast Track is a post-matriculation option available for transfer students who have already completed the majority of general education and prerequisite courses and lack only their nursing coursework.  This is a demanding alternative that accelerates completion of the program with a full schedule of clinical courses each semester in classes offered only during fall and spring semesters (no summer terms).

Transfer students may apply for the Fast Track with an advisor during their first semester of coursework at Belmont.   Minimum requirements for Fast Track consideration include successful completion of almost all general education courses and prerequisites with a 3.0 GPA in core math and sciences courses.  Interest students must demonstrate an understanding of the commitment required for an intensive program and sign an agreement for the Fast Track Program of Study.  Once in the Fast Track, students must maintain a B or better in each nursing course.

Students seeking their second Bachelor’s degree may be eligible for the Fast Track Option.  This program, which includes no summer coursework, can serve as an alternative to the Accelerated BSN program.

Fast Track Program of Study

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