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Belmont University’s RN-to-BSN program is a full-time degree completion program for practicing RN’s who have several years of nursing experience.   The program can be completed with most coursework offered in an online format.   The program is designed to place you with other RN-to-BSN students to move through the curriculum together as a cohort.*

The program is structured to provide nursing courses and key general education coursework in just four semesters.  Additional coursework required for the degree can be completed during the program, during summer months or after finishing the prescribed course sequence.  Online nursing courses provide for an on-campus orientation during the first week of class.

Part-time options are also available as space permits.

Semester 1
Course No. Course Credits Format
ENG 3010

Third Year Writing
(Meets once per week for 16 weeks; satisfies general education requirement)

3 on-campus

NUR 2240

(Successful completion activates Professional Experience Credit following Semester 1)

3 online
REL 1010

Understanding the Bible
(Satisfies part of Religion requirement –
can be substituted if requirement has already been satisfied)

3 online
GND 1050 Computer Proficiency 0 exam

Optional - General Education Course required for degree
(see list below)

1-3 on-campus


Semester 2
Course No. Course Credits Format
NUR 2040

Health Assessment
(Often challenged through an exam and demonstration)


exam or
on campus

NUR 4410

Adult Health Nursing II
(Often challenged through a portfolio if you have at least one year of full-time acute care experience)


or on

NUR 3850

Evidence-Based Nursing

3 online


Semester 3
Course No. Course Credits Format
RELI 3015

Questions that Matter
(Satisfies Junior Cornerstone & part of Religion requirement –   
can be substituted if requirement has already been satisfied)

3 online

NUR 4500

The Aging Adult

2 online
NUR 4510

Community Health Nursing
(Clinical meets once per week)

5 online


Semester 4
Course No. Course Credits Format
NUR 4015

Senior Nursing Capstone

3 online

NUR 4610

Leadership & Management in Nursing  

5 online
NUR 4710 Senior Practicum 2 online

Additional Courses Required for Degree

Students, with advisor assistance, develop a plan to complete remaining coursework required for the BSN degree.  Much of this coursework may be satisfied with transfer credit.
      •  ENG 1010  First Year Writing (3 credits)
      •  NUR 2100  Nutrition for Healthcare (3 credits)
           (May be waived with evidence that previous nursing program
               integrated nutrition content into the curriculum)
      •  Fine Arts course (3 credits)
      •  COM 1100   Fundamentals of Speech (3 credits)
      •  Humanities course (3 credits; numerous options)
      •  SOC 1010   Introduction to Sociology (3 credits)
      •  Social Science course (3 credits; in addition to SOC 1010)
      •  PSY 1200   General Psychology (4 credits)
      •  PSY 2800   Lifespan Development (3 credits; may substitute SWK 2250)
      •  PSY 3120   Abnormal Psychology (3 credits)
      •  BIO 1010   Biological Sciences with lab (4 credits)
      •  BIO 2230   Anatomy & Physiology I (4 credits)
      •  BIO 2240   Anatomy & Physiology II (4 credits)
      •  MTH 1020   Basic Concepts of Mathematics (3 credits)
      •  PED 2024  Physical Education Activity (1 credit)
               (other PE course options are available)
      •  PED 1600  Health and Fitness Concepts (2 credits)
               (offered online; other PE course options are available)
      •  General Electives (12 credits; numerous options)

Professional Experience Credit (30 credits)

With successful completion of NUR 2240 in Semester 1, students in the RN-to-BSN program will validate credit for professional experience in the following courses: 
      • NUR 2410    Introduction to Nursing (5 credits by professional experience)
      • NUR 3000    Professional Nursing (5 credits by professional experience)
      • NUR 3210    Adult Health Nursing (5 credits by professional experience)
      • NUR 4210    Maternal/Infant Nursing (5 credits by professional experience)
      • NUR 3410    Mental Health Nursing (5 credits by professional experience)
      • NUR 4310    Child and Family Nursing (5 credits by professional experience)

* The formation of RN-to-BSN groups is dependent on reaching a minimum enrollment of new students each semester.  An alternate individual plan to complete the curriculum is available if minimum enrollments are not met for the RN-to-BSN program starts.

Admissions Information

Applicants for the RN-to-BSN program must be licensed RN's with an Associate's Degree or Diploma from an accredited nursing program.  Students who earn a degree at Belmont must take their last 32 hours of credit at Belmont. 64 hours must have been earned from a senior college or university.

The application process for RN-to-BSN students is coordinated by the University's Adult Degree Office. Additional program information is available on the Adult Degree website. For individual inquiries, please contact Sara Gibson, RN-to-BSN Program Advisor, by phone at 615-460-5430 or by email at sara.gibson@belmont.edu.

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