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Why is Belmont's Musical Theatre program in the school of music?
The founder of the program always said it's called MUSICAL theatre. She said this a bit in jest, but it also makes sense. Music is the language used to tell the story in a musical. It is the unifying element which brings acting, dance and singing together to create this unique art form. Belmont University School of Music has an incredible reputation for both classical and commercial training; so it is logical that such a strong school would be a wonderful place to train students in the many styles needed for musical theatre. Our students are known for being incredible musicians with excellent, healthy voices who are well-versed in many vocal styles. Although we focus on classical technique as the foundation, our students are known for their open, healthy sound and for what is now being termed in New York as the "Belmont Belt".

What performance opportunities are there in the Musical Theatre program?
The faculty of the Belmont Musical Theatre program believes that performing is a vital format for learning. We cast all sophomores, juniors and seniors in all main stage productions. We have one main stage production per semester, as well as multiple seminars, departmental performance and showcases for freshmen, sophomores and seniors. There is also a junior recital and a senior show performance. In addition, there are many community, semi-professional and equity theatres in Nashville with which our students perform.We strive to be flexible to allow for maximum performance opportunities.

How does a program located in Nashville connect with New York?
All of our faculty members have many connections with New York industry people. We host at least two master classes per year with professionals from New York who have power to cast our students in New York. We also take two trips to New York. Each trip features a master class with top industry personnel. Our Senior Showcase in New York is always attended by the most important members of the industry. Our students are often called to New York to audition. We also encourage our students to attend the major auditions and conferences such as UPTA's, Strawhat, SETC and MUNY.

What is the difference between the BFA and the BM?
We offer both the BFA and the BM degree in musical theatre. Students choose which they prefer once they are accepted into the program. The BFA has six more credits in theatre electives and three in dance than the BM. The BM allows students to study two extra semesters of music theory, one more of music history and one of electronic music.

Do you have a New York Showcase?
Yes! Our senior showcase is for all graduating seniors. The students, under the guidance of the musical theatre faculty, showcase themselves in solo and group numbers as well as monologues. The showcase lasts about 45 minutes and is presented at the end of the senior year in New York to industry representatives.

Describe your other showcases.
Students also perform a freshman showcase during their first semester of study. This event is created by the incoming freshmen class to showcase the newest members of the musical theatre department. Students also perform a sophomore showcase which is presented in the Spring of their sophomore year to schools and nursing homes in the community.

What are you looking for in auditions?
Belmont Musical Theatre is looking for the nation's most talented students to train to become triple threats for successful careers in Musical Theatre. Auditioners should show a knowledge of styles in their contrasting selections as well as range and vocal health and good pitch. Most importantly, students should show they connect with their chosen material and that they can communicate the story and character's journey in their selections. Young auditioners should choose material which is age appropriate and refrain from overly profane selections.

What are our alumni doing now?
Belmont alumni are performing all over the world. They can be seen currently in national tours, Off Broadway and on Broadway. They are also performing in some of the most prestigious theatres in the country as well as with excellent cruise lines such as Disney and Norwegian. See our alumni link for alumni updates and articles.