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One graduate assistantship is available through the University Band Program every two years for a student to assist with administration and direction of the Wind Ensemble, Concert Band, and athletic bands. Those who wish to pursue advanced study with an emphasis in conducting have ample podium time with the Wind Ensemble and Concert Band. Belmont provides a unique setting in which graduate students receive concentrated attention from faculty, numerous performance opportunities, and frequent access to the Nashville music culture. To inquire about studies in music education, conducting, ensemble interships, or a graduate assistantship, please contact , Director of Bands, via email. Click here to view our graduate music catalog.


The Belmont University Master of Music Degree includes six majors: Church Music, Commercial Music, Composition, Music Education, Pedagogy, and Performance. Each of the strong musical and academic curricula consists of 34 total hours. Graduate students in each major are required to successfully complete comprehensive written and oral examinations as well as a culminating project. Culminating Project track options vary according to the major and include: (a) lecture recital track (includes a research project), (b) full recital track (includes a recital paper), (c) thesis/project track.