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Adlington, Stephanie        Lecturer

Allen, Nancy                   Full Time Faculty

Ames, Jeffery                  Full Time Faculty

Belfiglio, Anthony            Full Time Faculty

Bennett, Bruce                Full Time Faculty

Bennett, Elena                Lecturer

Beresford, Rick                Adjunct Instructor

Bond, Lawrence               Adjunct Instructor

Bressman, Paula              Adjunct Instructor

Bridges, David                 Lecturer

Bridges, Madeline            Full Time Faculty

Brophy, Maeve                Ajunct Instructor

Burgett, Eric                    Ajunct Instructor

Burks, Jo Lynn                 Lecturer

Butler, Carol                    Adjunct Instructor

Byrd, Don                        Lecturer


  A - B  |  C - E  | F - G


Cardoni, John                   Adjunct Instructor

Causey, Wayne                Adjunct Instructor

Coble, Joshua                 Adjunct Instructor

Coleman, Jennifer             Full Time Faculty

Contreras, Billy                Adjunct Instructor

Cote, Sarah                     Adjunct Instructor

Craig, Jennifer                 Adjunct Instructor

Curtis, Cynthia        Dean, Full Time Faculty

DaSilva, Mario                 Adjunct Instructor

Dudley, Bruce                 Full Time Faculty

Dudley, Sandra                Full Time Faculty

Endahl, Matt                    Adjunct Instructor

Elsberry, Kris                   Full Time Faculty

Eng, Clare                        Full Time Faculty

Entsminger, Deen             Full Time Faculty


  A - B  |  C - E  | F - G


 Fisher, Jocelyn             Lecturer

Garbis, Leslie                Adjunct Instructor

Garner, Kelly                 Adjunct Instructor

George, Mary                 Lecturer

Godwin, Mark                 Adjunct Instructor

Goebel, Ellen                  Adjunct Instructor

Gooding, Alison              Adjunct Instructor

Graham, Alex                  Full Time Faculty

Gregg, Robert B.             Full Time Faculty