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Amy Frederick

Amy Frederick began studying the piano when she was six years old. The youngest of four children, she learned how to read notes in the Classical style while secretly harboring fantasies of being a songwriter in a rock and roll band. Her first recording experience was singing Beatles songs into a portable cassette player at age seven. "She loves you yeah, yeah, yeah!"

Her first employment as a pianist was during the seventh grade, accompanying a Christmas cantata at Gracey Baptist Church in Gracey, KY. For the next few years she gathered as much experience as possible accompanying school choirs, local productions of Broadway shows, solo singers and instrumentalists. After high school, she was awarded a scholarship to study piano at the Aspen Music Festival and graduated from the University of Alabama with a degree in music performance.

Nine months following graduation, she gave birth to her life's ambition by joining a local rock and roll band and also began studying jazz. By studying voice, programming hundreds of songs into a digital keyboard, and playing lots of society gigs in a lot of bands, Amy learned how to be a pop musician. In 1993, she spent four-and-a-half months performing for hundreds of people daily on a paddle wheel boat in Japan. Upon return to the U.S. she moved to Nashville, TN where she resides to this day.

For the past sixteen years Amy has been a member of "Liberation," a band with a 36 year legacy of success in Bowling Green, KY. She has performed with this group 4-6 nights per week, 48 weeks of the year. She has also performed her own songs at the renowned Bluebird Cafe in Nashville, has played and sung on many studio projects, collaborated as an arranger on two recordings by children's artist, Rachel Sumner and is a member of TAXI, an independent music promotion company which has forwarded many of her songs to national companies looking for music by independent artists.

Amy teaches a few piano students when she is not writing or performing and has worked for the Nashville Institute for the Arts as an artist teacher, taking arts education into public schools. She is the organist at First Presbyterian Church in Springfield, TN and the proud owner of a vintage Hammond C3 organ. She released her first CD, "However We Like" on her own label, Greenbaby Records in 2004.