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Virginia Lamothe

Virginia Lamothe Virginia Christy Lamothe is currently Adjunct Instructor of Music and Adjunct Instructor of Dance at Belmont University in Nashville, TN. She completed her doctorate in musicology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Her dissertation focuses on seventeenth-century Roman opera, particularly at the Barberini court. Previously, she studied at the State University of New York at Fredonia where she received her B.A in Applied Music in 2000 and received her M.A. in Music at UNC Chapel Hill in 2002. In 2005-2006, Virginia was the recipient of a Fulbright Fellowship and a first prize winner of the Lemmermann Foundation Award for archival research in Italy. Virginia’s life-long love of dance led her to study the interactions between choreography and music composition in her master’s thesis titled “Reconstruction through Dance Practice: A Closer Look at Claudio Monteverdi’s Staged Balli.” While studying at the University of North Carolina, Virginia was the founder and director of the Renaissance dance group “BalliAmo.” Virginia has published two articles which focus on performance practice. The first, “Dancing at a Wedding: Some Thoughts on Performance Issues in Claudio Monteverdi’s ‘Lasciate i monti’ (Orfeo, 1607)” can be found in the November 2008 issue of Early Music. The second, “Fanning the Flames of Love: Hidden Performance Solutions for Claudio Monteverdi’s Ballo delle ingrate found in Renaissance Dance” can be found in Performance Practice, Issues and Approaches (Ann Arbor: Steglein Press, 2009). Currently she is working on a critical edition of Virgilio Mazzocchi’s Sant’Eustachio (1643). Virginia teaches courses on the history of Western classical music as well as classes on the history of popular music styles, World music and American folk music. Virginia also teaches courses in the department of theater and dance relating to historical dance traditions of the Renaissance and Baroque eras.

Contact: virginia.lamothe@belmont.edu