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Mathew deGuzman

Mathew deGuzman

"I came to Belmont University from Wisconsin specifically for the Musical Theatre Program. I especially liked the size of the program and the fact that I was not going to be just another face in the crowd. When I auditioned, the director of the program, Mrs. Marjorie Halbert, seemed genuinely interested in me as a person, student, and performer; this was only the beginning. She has a hand in each and every one of the theatre major's career here and wants to help them succeed not only in musical theatre, but in life.

One of the other aspects that sets Belmont's Musical Theatre Program apart from the rest, is the atmosphere we work in. At most schools, starting the first week of school the fierce competition starts, and doesn't end. Ever! Here, we have created and upheld an atmosphere where support is the main key to successes. Nobody is out for themselves, or willing to stomp on whomever gets in their way. We believe that we need to be in a comfortable learning environment so we can take risks and try new things. We have every one of our colleagues behind us, supporting us all the way. Also, the fact that we are trained as full-fledged musicians, getting a Bachelor of Music degree, helps us in the field. Not only are we 'triple threats,' but we are also proficient musicians and know how to make the music work for us. We do not regard the song as just a break from the story, but an expressing of our feelings that only music can handle."

~ Mathew deGuzman
Musical Theatre Major (2005)