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MM Performance Auditions

1. Two (2) works appropriate to the instrument that will demonstrate two (2) distinctly different styles, including individual works, sonata movements or etudes.
2. A movement from a concerto that has been written for the instrument.
3. Scales and sight-reading
4. Detailed audition expectations for percussion applicants are as follows:

  • A four (4) mallet work for marimba by one of the following composers: Abe, Bach, Gomez, Helble, Musser, Rosauro, Smadbeck, or Stout
  • A three (3) or four (4) drum composition for timpani by one of the following composers: Beck, Bergamo, Carter, Firth, Goodman, Leonard, Peters, or Whaley.
  • An appropriate work for snare drum or multi-percussion. Appropriate works for snare drum would include those by such composers as Colgrass, Goldenberg, Hurley, Markivich, Pratt, Smith, Wilcoxon, and Wooten; for multi-percussion, composers such as Cage, Cahn, Fink, Kraft, Tagawa, and Whaley provide suitable repertoire from which to choose.
  • Demonstrate scales and arpeggios on marimba, various rudiments for snare drum, and tuning proficiency on timpani.

1. A work by J.S. Bach or other important Baroque composer for organ.
2. A 19th century work by a composer such as Franck or Mendelssohn
3. A 20th century work by one of the following: Dupre, Hindemith, Langlais, Vierne, or Widor
4. Demonstrate knowledge of appropriate pedal exercises and pedal scales.

1. A substantial Baroque work by one of the following composers: Bach, Handel, or Scarlatti or a sonata movement by Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven or Schubert.
2. A substantial work by a 19th century composer such as Brahms, Chopin, Liszt, Mendelssohn, or Schumann.
3. A work from the 20th century by composers such as Barber, Bartok, Copland, Debussy, Hindemith, Prokofiev, or Ravel.
4. Demonstrate knowledge of scales and arpeggios.


1. Three (3) art songs and one (1) aria will be offered at auditions in the following languages: Italian, German, French, and English for a total of four (4) selections.
2. The aria must be from the operatic or oratorio repertoire in the original language. (Nashville Opera Fellows applicants will present two (2) arias and two (2) art songs, but must represent the four languages.  One of the arias must be in English.)

All MM auditions conclude with an interview with the Director of Graduate Studies which includes a review of the applicant's coursework and transcript.

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