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Keyboard Sight Reading Resources

All entering Piano Principals have to take Piano Ensemble: Sight Reading (MUN 4870) unless their piano sight reading skills are at a level in which they may waive this course. In addition, some entering piano students may want to accompany vocalists and/or instrumentalists and charge for their services. In order to do this, the pianist has to demonstrate acceptable sight reading skills or they will not be placed on the Approved List of Accompanists.

Material on this page will help you improve your sight reading skills. Arranged in three levels (Easy, Intermediate, and Advanced), each level contains a variety of piano music in PDF file format which can be downloaded and printed in order to practice piano sight reading skills.

Click here for Piano Sight Reading Tips.

Easy Examples

Easy Sight Reading 1

Intermediate Examples

Intermediate Sight Reading 1

Intermediate Sight Reading 2

Intermediate Sight Reading 3

Advanced Examples

Advanced Sight Reading 1

Advanced Sight Reading 2

Advanced Sight Reading 3