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Enrollment FAQ

How do I inform Belmont I wish to accept the offer of admission?

You should complete and submit the Enrollment Confirmation Form along with your Enrollment Deposit to indicate you wish to attend Belmont. This will allow you to create your MyBelmont account and register to attend June Orientation (Belmont's new student orientation) which occurs the summer prior to entering Belmont.

How do I officially accept my performance-based School of Music scholarship that I receive?

If you are awarded a School of Music scholarship, you will receive an award letter in the mail along with a certificate which must be signed and returned to the School of Music no later than May 1.

When does June Orientation occur?

Our two-part orientation introduces you and other new students to Belmont and prepares you to succeed during your years at Belmont.

June Orientation (a two-day orientation program) occurs during the summer. Typically Belmont offers several choices dates.

Welcome Week occurs just prior to the beginning of the Fall semester.

All new Belmont freshmen and transfer students will attend an Orientation session in June (or August, if you’re unable to attend in June) and participate in Welcome Week activities.

Is it important that I attend June Orientation during the summer?

It's VERY important that you attend this program. During this two-day summer event, you'll get to know new and returning Belmont students and Belmont faculty, become better acquainted with campus and academic life, learn more about what it means to major in music, and meet with a music advisor. By the time you leave, you will have registered for your first semester classes!

When will I take music placement tests?

You will recieve and take an online theory placement test in May. During June Orientation, you will take placement tests in Aural Skills and piano. You and a music advisor will use the results of these music placement tests to plan and register for your fall schedule during June Orientation.

The placement tests really aren't about passing or failing. They help determine where you should begin your study in Music Theory, Aural Skills and secondary piano. Our goal is for you to be successful in your first-semester classes in the Belmont School of Music, so we want to make sure you are placed in classes that are best for you.

If I have college-level transfer or AP credits in music theory or piano, do I have to take placement tests?

All new freshmen and transfer students take the tests because scores on the placement tests primarily determine placement in these areas at Belmont -- not prior credit for music theory or piano.

The music placement tests also determine which of your transfer music hours will count as credit toward your major or minor in music at Belmont and which will transfer as elective credit.

Transfer students who have successfully completed four semesters of music theory and piano should contact the Director of the School of Music regarding whether or not they should take placement tests.